Healthy category for food

I would really like to see a "Healthy" category in the food section of instructables for food.  I think it would really help in searching for recipes.

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kengler6 years ago
I also think this would be a good idea. I am always looking for healthy recipes, and it would be nice to have a lot of healthy options all in one place
craftyv kengler6 years ago
I still agree with the idea. Good Luck.
.  I think most ppl agree that it is a good idea (or at least not a bad idea), it's just not something that would be simple to implement.
.  As has been pointed out, what is healthy for a one person might be poisonous for someone else. Some sub-categories might help, eg, Food:Healthy:Low-Sodium. I don't think carlyg90's one-size-fits-all category would work well, but it would at least show the author's intent.
.  Maybe a better category name would be the answer. Something like Health Conscious (only shorter).
Yes, it's obviously not as simple as was first thought.
Seems like keywords would help a lot in this scenario (along with more prominent reminders to use helpful ones, and examples of good keywords). Unfortunately, like many other features (groups, anyone?), keywords seem to suffer from feature rot. :(
Still thinking about this.
carlyg90 (author) 6 years ago
This really does not need to be that complicated. Yes healthy is different to different people. So why can't we just have one category of Healthy that encompasses all of them. People can go to it, and then look for recipes that fit their needs. Just like every other category.

For example, I can go into the breakfast category and be looking for only pancake recipes, just like someone could go into the Healthy category and be only looking for low calorie. There will be other things in there than what you are looking for. It's not a big deal.
craftyv6 years ago
I agree, however there would have to be some concensus about what, for the purposes of this category, constitutes "Healthy". Lets get some ideas about this.

No chemical additives.
Low salt (sodium). Etc.
...unless you have certain types of epilepsy when low fat = very very bad.

Low sodium = healthy, unless you are very old, in which case many need extra sodium.....

What is a "chemical additive" ? Monosodium glutamate ? (found in natural soy sauce). Dihydrogen monoxide ? Well known killer, in quite small one-off exposures ?

Well said. That's why it's more complicated than we realise. Maybe we can reduce it to "Your healthy Foods" whatever that may be.
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