Heat from heating pipe?

Hi there,
is it possible to derivate the heat of the heating pipe of an heater to make a water circle (with a pump) to create ones own heater?
Because i feel the heating pipe is extremely hot and it's heat for free, so why not using it?
The idea is to build something like a water cooling system for the PC but just without the cooling.
Can i wrap a cooper pipe around the heating pipe and let water circle with a pump, so the hot water  passes through the "new heater". I dont know what to use as heating object but there will be a way.

Any ideas? Is it even possible?

Thank you and sorry for my English :D

What heating pipe are you referring too? Are you talking about the hot water pipe coming off of a hot water heater?

Older heating systems used a furnace that heater water to steam and ran that stream through pipes to radiators around the building to heat the various rooms. Many in floor radiant heating systems use hot water from your hot water heater circulating through pipes to heat the flooring.

If your wanting to use a hot water pipe for heating all you have to do is ad a radiator inline withe the pipe. Or you can add your own fins to the existing copper pipe (assuming you have copper pipe). Any radiator you can find that has the right fittings will work. Even a radiator from a PC water cooling system will work. All a radiator consists of is some aluminum or copper pipe with thin aluminum or copper fins soldered to it to help dissipate the heat into the air.