Heat pad

Has anyone made a Heat pad before?  I want to build one for an out door cat house.  Maybe I can just use a battery operated light bulb at a high Watt.

Toga_Dan5 years ago
If moisture is a concern, then it is good to go low volt. A transformer might be a better option, however. As kite says, heaters pull lotsa amps.

I haven't made a heat pad, but I have adapted xmas lites to run at lower V. A strand has ~ 50 lites in series, powered by 110 v. (IIRC) So each bulb runs ~ 2 V. to run lites from 18 v, simply chop off 9 bulbs.

I've considered doin somethin similar w. heat pads. expect it to be simple enough to hack a heat pad.

Or you could check motorcycle supply. they do stuff with heat elements in gloves, etc.
Kiteman5 years ago
Does it have to be battery? Heaters tend to drain batteries very quickly.