Hell Kitten AR-15


For those of us who do not just want to kill our prey, but humiliate it too.

Picture of Hell Kitten AR-15
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NachoMahma9 years ago
. ROFLMAO! That is hilarious. . What is that piece directly below where the tail stock joins the lower receiver? I don't have one of those on my AR-15A1. Collapsible handgrip? . Great little guns, ain't they? I've killed hundreds of aluminum cans with mine. Mine still has the collapsible stock, flash suppressor/muzzle brake, and unmodded magazines - guess I better stay out of California. heehee . Don't forget your earplugs!
it is not a collapsible handgrip, it is a CA complient grip. it is made to conform to the Assuly Weapons laws.
Wow you have one? I have heard many varying opinions on the recoil, from unbearable to unnoticeable, your $0.02?
aren't they chambered for all kinds of different cartridges?
. I can't imagine a .223 having much kick, except maybe in a derringer. Even in a "normal-sized" handgun, it shouldn't be bad. . With the AR-15/M-16, I'll choose unnoticeable. In a bolt-action, I'd call it very mild to mild. . There's quite a bit of powder there, but the bullet is very light - 55 grains seems to be the most common. . For a little more info on the .223, try
. oops
Thanks for the input *goes to friend's house to show off superior intellect in the field of arms and warfare*
lol, this is just too good XD
The gun is real, and appears to be painted with DuraCote standard color #66 Pink Lady. They have dozens of colors, including lots of cammo patterns that you make with peel and stick masking. Personally, I prefer buleing, browning, and Parkerizing, but I have to admit that the cammo patterns are pretty cool.
Oops, I meant to give the URL of Lauer Custom Weaponry, where you can see the DuraCote colors and patterns...

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