Hello all, i am happy to help in Chinese language.

Hi all, happy to be here and find so many instructables. This is Hina from China/ I love exploring so many different things and i am full of energy to explore new things.

For the moment, i think i can help is to help you in Chinese language. 
Feel free to talk to me.

Have a nice day!

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Hi I am learning Chinese in school I would be happy to have help

ALNADZ2 years ago

hi! it's nice...

My name is Alfiecca Navalia and i'm indonesian. I'm study in VHS 8 Malang, East Java, Indonesia. I'm mechatronical.

Nice to meet you!

I hope we can be good friend :)

9242198292 years ago

China! I want to make a 3d printer , but i don't have enough tools ,how can i strat?

We have some 3D printers,It's easy to make a 3d printer,because of open source,em...my english is so bad..hah

It's so cheap in china,make a 3d printer just spent about 2000 RMB($300)


I am Chinese! I live in Guangxi.