Hello i am new here

Hello everybody i am new here its a owner for me that i am part of this forum this forum is very informative

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jonelbelen5 years ago
Hi there! Welcome and enjoy! :)
Kiteman5 years ago
Moved to "Community Blog", keywords fixed.

Welcome to Instructables.
Its still in "outdoors".... :p

Yes... Welcome. :-)
>Presses "Update" button this time<

I had to quote you for my reply. :P
*chuckle* ah yes, how many times I have left a page and thought I had finished what I went there for....almost akin to walking into a room and then....wondering why you are there :-)
My dad does that. He comes out of his workshop, goes all the way upstairs and then curses if he can't remember what the heck he came up for...

Random family entertainment. :P
In the UK, we call that a "senior moment".
Yes, they do here too....sadly, I have been having those moments since I was quite young.....too much "stuff" going on in my head all the time.....sometimes I loose track of where I am :-)
ChrysN5 years ago
Hi! Welcome.