Help! -I need a timed cigarette dispenser - seriously

Have tried everything to give up smoking and failed, so a neighbor offered to give me 1 cigarette every 4 hours so I can cut back. Now she is going out of town and I really need a machine to do this job. Can anyone come up with a relatively inexpensive machine that can be built by an amateur like me? I would be grateful for any help.

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This is a much needed product. I need this for my father-in-law in a really bad way. If I could even cut him down to one every hour, it would be a Hugh improvement....even every 30 minutes would be a step up from his 5 pack a day habit. Does anything like this exist?

ganglion7 years ago
I've been thinking about making myself an arduino gadget that will count how many cigarettes I have in a day and tell me how long it was since I had the last one. Just for a fun project that might give me a better chance of cutting down a bit. The idea is you would have an led display and 4 buttons, one to press when you had a cigarette, one to show the number of minutes since your last one, one to show how many you've had today, and one to reset it when you wake up in the morning. I'll try to remember to post here again if I get round to it.
Wasn't this the plotline to Lost? Reset something at some interval before something goes haywire? I have a friend that is starting to think about trying to quit - other health problems have brought it to his attention. One doc prescribed the nicotine gum. Went to see another doc and was prescribed the patch. Now he has access to three times the nicotine than doing just the bad habit itself. Well, good luck in quitting smoking.

Pretty Much...

I tried patches once and after a while just started smoking with the patches. At which point I realised it was ridiculous and gave up giving up. Now I'm just trying to cut down a bit. :)
When my daughter was born we told grandpa he could not go near the kid reeking of smoke and the house was to be smoke-free when we came to visit. He eventually was motivated to spend more time on long walks outside and switched to regular gum and candy in order to quit. I know that they realize smoking is bad but just need a big kick in the rear to get going.
Well if you're down to one every four hours, a good way to do it is to not have a cigarette until you absolutely can't stand it anymore, I've found this a good way of cutting down, at one point I was on forty or so a day now more like fifteen so I'm happy with that way, it builds up your tolerance for low nicotine... generally attempt to beat four hours by a minimum of fifteen minutes then you're allowed one but if you can go any longer then try.

This has worked for people I know and for me for brief periods of time.

I agree... although this post is really old. I've been trying to figure out a way to make a piggy bank/cigarette dispenser combo. Money is the main issue for me. Between my husband and I we smoke a pack a day, but at $8-10 a pack, it's illogical to spend that much money. But I'm thinking if we can only reach for a cigarette when we have a quarter or something, then it'll help along the process...

But yes, go as long as you are used to then try for fifteen minutes longer. It's the same idea as exercising--just go a little further until you drop. Haha.
Nah it's till you punch someone rather than drop :P Ugh tried to quit a while ago, didn't go well...
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