I need help! So, how would I fit 2 firing pins in here (I can't figure out because of the purple connectors (they get in the way)). Please post comments!

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smattman227 years ago
Either turn them or cut em down.
ajleece9 years ago
use ball joints of course
awsome9 years ago
rotate the purple things to the outside
koolkidd (author)  awsome9 years ago
tried. still doesn't work.
turn them to the out side hope that helped the gun looks good but you cant pull the firing pin back with the all the yellow connectors there.
koolkidd (author)  the_burrito_master10 years ago
i know... i need to work on it some more. but i think i got the answer and if it works, ill post it by Feb. 10th (i hope!)
Mepain koolkidd10 years ago
Post it on KI and enter it into the contest!
koolkidd (author)  Mepain10 years ago
i'm planning to. so, you post pictures on a site like imageshack,and then you or crestind retrieve them from there and send them to me, and then i can post them or do whatever with them, right?
koolkidd (author)  koolkidd10 years ago
i just remembered a comment i saw on KI; if you make a gun, it can be a model, right? 'cause if it doesn't need to shoot to count for the contest, i'll enter my gun and keep working on how to get a firing pin in it.
koolkidd (author)  Mepain10 years ago
and do you know how i would make the firing pin and pull it back, or would i just have to get rid of the yellow connectors, which would make the gun a little weaker?
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