Recently, I posted the card shuffler me and Shadowman39 made.

However, there is something that came to our attention.

It is appearing in the featured filters, but has no featured badge/banner. It appears in ALL of the featured filters, but its not saying that it is actually featured...

Any admins or ibles staff, or just anyone, have an theories?

Thanks, Hiyadudez and Shadowman39.

Picture of Help....
Kiteman7 years ago
It *is* featured, but only in the K'NEX channel.

The banners thing is an issue being worked up, I believe.

Hiyadudez (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Ah, ok. So it is featured?
Yes, but only at "channel" level, not "category" or "front page" level. was supposed to be at the category level (not top).  Argh.