Help Any one who Know how to make A mouse Clicke on its own? hmmm>> ^^

hey Dudz and dudetz Im Vinc

and im having a bad time hot waring my mouse Ni my PC Hmmmm.
Can you Help me perhaps You have an idea on how to make One
I dont need soft ware. i need to make a hard ware. Thnks
This will be a big Help To me. thnk you.

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vinc (author) 9 years ago
hey thnks for the comments guys. to be clear i need these For may project To over load a system buy just clicking hmmm its very complected. A may friend told me to hotware the hard ware . but it took me time to experiment i destroyed 3 mouse already. but thnks any way guy thnak you so much. for the time and comments.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
well, you could make an astable circuit with a 555 timer and hook up a transistor to the mouse switch. Make sure everything goes to a common ground! Is this for a MMORPG? I remember that when I use to play maple story people would use software to auto click so that they could do missions and stuff first.
if you could generate negative pulses (is that called monostable? i need to read up on 555 timer modes) from the 555, and apply them to the gate of a jfet, you could easily create the desired pulse switch.
I'm pretty sure it's astable, which means cunstable state (flips back and forth) monostable is just a timed thing, like when I press a button something goes on for 10 seconds then turns off. jfet, bipolar, it doesn't really matter in this situation. Depending on the mouse, and it just needs a logic 1, then you could hook the 555 up directly without a transistor!
youre right. monostable is shot clock mode. and negative pulses to an fet would be the best option. fets can switch faster than bipolar, and are more efficient.
I dunno...mine sometimes clicks itself...
My pointer jumps from one end of the screen to the other sometimes, but never a stray click on its own. But my hand sometimes gets a little heavy on a left click and I end up right clicking also.....makes for some interesting "things" to back out of LOL
Interestingly, mine only does it when I am NOT at the computer. I can hear it clicking, but it never selects anything...
I have taken my hand off the mouse, only to watch the pointer creep up the screen to the far corner already. It is an optical mouse and so that happens sometimes :-) Sounds like you either have a shorted mouse or a ghost cat swatting at the mouse LOL
Lol. I was about to say you need to clean off your trackball (I know, ancient..) before I got to the part about it being an optical mouse.
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