Help: Building a Wireless mouse

Any useful infomation on what i would need to do to build my own wireless mouse i have some vague knowlegde but never made anything like this before. Any information would be great schematics designs links or anything pleaase help me :D Thanks in advanve

endolith9 years ago
Evote (author)  endolith9 years ago
Thanks I was thinking instead of using CMOS sensors I could use two things to replace it 1) Something to keep a 0 angle relative to you rotating the mouse. (I SUCK ON THIS) 2) Something to measure the speed between the mouse and mousepad. Like if i rotated the mouse -45 degrees the 0 angle would be -45 degrese if i then rotated it 105 degrese the 0 angle would be 60 degrese. Those two would i guess replace the x, y and would send the angle and speed to the computer and move the cursor accordingly.
endolith Evote9 years ago
I'm not sure what you mean. To get the angle the mouse is being held at, you'd use trigonometry on the X, Y, and Z outputs.