Help Decorate Eric's Office! UPDATE

Eric's office is totally boring. There's a big blank wall next to another big blank wall and I can't take it any more. So we're looking to you, yes you, to help him out!

So please print out the PDF, color or decorate it in any way you want, and send it to:

Eric's Boring Wall
489 Clementina St.
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Our printer does weird things to colors so we can't accept emailed or PMed images. All the art will go up on Eric's wall. One artist chosen at random on Dec. 22 will win a copy of The Best of Instructables, Volume 1. Bonus points if you don't fold it.

We can't randomly select one out of one entry and we still haven't seen any robots so we've extended the Date of Randomness. Also, everyone who sends something in will get a patch.


Winners Announced!

Picture of Help Decorate Eric's Office! UPDATE
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kcls7 years ago
Are we still allowed to send pictures in?
fungus amungus (author)  kcls7 years ago
You can if you want, but the contest is long long over.
Will we still get a patch?
Well, it must be getting pretty boring again, having all those same robot pictures in there year after year...
I sent two in today!
Did you get teh cookies yet?
hmmm mine still havent come can you resend a batch?
Chickens don't eat cookies ( silly chicken, cookies are for kids ). ;-)
I dont eat cookies they eat me wait that doesnt work...
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