Help Fnding and Acquiring a Career

Well, I just turned 18 in March and decided that I should pick what it is that I want for a career. I am fascinated with every building technique that there is whether it is for metal, wood, or electronics (to name a few). I enjoy studying on these skills, and find a great satisfaction when I am building, repairing, or inventing. I want to do all of these things in a career that I will enjoy till the end of my days. The problem is that I am not even sure if there in a name for such a profession, let alone how I would go about acquiring it? If anyone knows anything about the career I am talking about I would greatly appreciate it.

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Goodhart9 years ago
Well, if you were looking into further education, check out a few colleges and ask about Engineering programs they may have. They may have just the type of course study you would want to get into in order to become an engineer, if that is really the direction you wish to go in.
Sedgewick17 (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
I have checked into a college degree in engineering, but so far from what I have found those that have the degree are the ones stuck behind the desk. (For me, Intolerable!)
Don't want a desk job? Don't get a desk job! Engineering can be as hands-on, or as theoretical as you like - nobody is going to twist your arm to take a desk job if you'd rather be out in the tool shop making things with your own hands.

Have a look at this fine sampling of engineers:

Some dude called Eric Wilhelm - Ph.D Mech. Eng.
Saul Griffith - Ph.D. Mech. Eng.
Billy Gordon - Electrical Eng. major
statserisk - Electr. Eng. troublemaker-in-training
Tim Anderson - uhm, what the heck is he anyway? ;-)

Definitely not a bunch of desk people...
Well, that depends on you though.

Look at the Electronics Engineer, Robert (Bob) Peese: [ A link to Bob Peese]

and another ( link concerning his columns, books, and inventions ) For more, look up National Semiconductor and search for Bob Peese.
That FIRST link went all wonky: Try this one

The second one above works though.
Patrik Goodhart9 years ago
Yup - sounds like Engineering's the thing for you. You will probably wind up specializing a little more, but there's plenty of time to play around with the various sub-disciplines of engineering. Besides, many engineers become somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades anyway.
the title Engineer can be attached to most things from building bridges and skyscrapers to electrical, to bio-chemical.
Well you have run of the trades, really have a kick around, find something you really enjoy and go for it, think about the money too though, as that may open more things to do that you enjoy...
Sedgewick17 (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
very true!
I think dabbling in a few professions as an apprentice or intern for a while to find a suiting one for you may be an idea, you sound like you have lots of skills but have to use them to avoid being restless within a job.
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