Help!! Hydro power

Hello! I need step by step instructions which shows how to build a hydro power system. I have to do this for a small hostel in the mountains. It needs to make 12v atleast and will use a alternator.I will need lots of help from you guys to build it all.Particulatly on the runner(what type for best efficiency,how to build it, cost, tools)and on the housing for the turbine(what material to use,it will have to be very durable and strong).I am an electronics expert so no need to explain to me what is what. Include a circuit which can charge a 12v battery bank . I am aware how a rectifier can be used to convert the alternator's AC to DC.I would like the rectifier circuit too.Added bonus if you show me how to make a housing for the turbine.Also I would like a homemade charge controller circuit too.The controller will have to have dump load options as well.If you can give a good way to water proof the whole thing... Kudos to you I will need all the plans for this project Alternator, Charge controller ,Blades, How to best wire battery bank etc. Please explain what materials to use etc. And please be aware this will be a rather low budget project.I prefer maximum efficiency and please do not worry yourself about where i will get flowing water etc.And please post your own pics if possible.It may not be possible for me to use power tools and a welder,I prefer simple tools, if not, no problem.

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mhkabir (author) 8 years ago
I have stopped posting on this thread and have created a new one at:

This thread created a starting point for me and so I am keeping this for other's reference.But new postings, please on the new thread.
mhkabir (author) 8 years ago
Hi I have found a website wihich is a very good place to start.I am posting this for those other newbies ot there.
mhkabir (author) 8 years ago
guys, could I have a template or two for the alternator?I also visited the welding shop.... guess what, they said they would weld up the whole design!!! I also visited a carpentry shop and will get the stator for the alternator cut from a piece of plywood as soon you can give me a template for it.Some helpful links on building a full high power alternator would be appreciated.

I also thought about a nozzle I saw at Here it is,

since I now have access to the welding shop, I could get a design like that welded up. You guys tell me which is the better idea.Oh yes I went to a sanitary shop and they didn't even know what the PVC adapter was?!
mhkabir (author) 8 years ago
Thanks brokengun, I've checked out otherpower already,but it does not have any good plans for making a hydro turbine.I will check out the forums later.Thanks!!! And lemonie, The pump I talked about is run via solar panels, so no energy loss. If you read my last post fully, I said in the pics that the pump is not at full power.And no, I have no plans of the wheel, but I think a Pelton type runner will be the best(thanks brokengun). I will need a template for the runner, If possible.I will weld the runner at a grill welding shop when I get the template.The PVC reducing adapters are a good idea I think because they will be most probable readily available.
lemonie mhkabir8 years ago
Best wishes for it - let us know how it turns out. L
brokengun8 years ago
This website is a good place to start:

Then browse around on their forums in the hydro section:

Hope that helps!
lemonie8 years ago
What head of water can you obtain, and at what flow-rate? (it matters) L
mhkabir (author)  lemonie8 years ago
My head will be about 4 feet. The water source will be a deep electric tubewell used for irrigation(I and my friend own it).It will get 100 psi roughly.Basically I will need a full renewable-hydro system with everything.The whole hostel will be powered by hydro.Its electricity consumption is very less.I have ugraded the hostel to run on 240volt LED lighting!!!So our electricity needs are quite less. I will bring the water down to the hostel using PVC pipes. Some help with the nozzle type and how to attach it to the PVC pipe will be helpful.I have posted some pics to help you understand my situation.The irrigation pump is not a full power in the pic.It will be when the hydro system is in place. kabir
lemonie mhkabir8 years ago
Thanks for the update! You can use this page to calculate how much power is available. However, if you are to be using electricity to pump the water from underground the total energy picture is a bit questionable. I guess you would be recovering what would otherwise be waste energy?

With reference to the nozzle: you could use PVC reducing adapters, or it may be possible to heat-form PVC tube. Do you have a wheel for this or plans for one?
(Interesting stuff)