Help! I know that someone knows how to do this!!

Hi all,
 I am a home brewer and I have attempted several times, time with no success, to do what I'm trying to do. I have a turkey fryer(A.) that I boil my brew in. In the large stock pot I have a perforated basket(B.) that fits inside and essentially I am trying to create a rigid wire mesh screen(C.) the same size as the basket. Kida like this(D.) so that after I boil my wort, I can pull out the basket and let the grains drain and avoid all of the grain in  the finish product. Does that make sense? The problem is forming the screen and stitching it together.I know that there is a specific way to form and fold the wire mesh and stitch it together so that there will be no gaps and have a strong bond but I haven't figured it out. This isn't brain surgery but I'm not doing something right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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SAWWAS72 (author) 5 years ago
Yeah, I see what you're saying but I'm wanting something pretty rigid, kind of like the third picture, so I can use it over and over.
ripit SAWWAS725 years ago
ya can make a small frame outta some hardware cloth. that would make yer screen nice and rigid, and it can be shaped pretty well by hand. just position yer seems over it and it should do the job quite well! also ya could make a wire bail outta a bucket or paint can handle depending on the size.
ripit5 years ago
couldn't u just stitch one together with some wire ,like sewing cloth? roll yer screen into a hoop joining edge to edge and stitch a piece to the bottom.
SAWWAS72 (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for the input guys. I found a couple of things similar to what I'm looking for but they're either too small or way too expensive. Check out the pics.
Have you considered using a cheese cloth bag?
Most wire baskets are formed under pressure, by forcing the mesh over a former / into a die.

You might get a similar effect by beating it over a suitable wooden form.

jxross5 years ago
I am not a brewer so if I am way off the mark, I appologize in advance. 

This is not exactly what you are trying to make, but it will accomplish the task.  I would cut the wire mesh into a semi-circle and then roll it up to create a conical strainer.  A sufficient overlap at the seam with a food-grade adhesive should do the trick.
As an alternative, try using a jelly bag.  The potential down side to this would be that the mesh size may be a bit small and slow the draining process.