Help, I'm stuck in a 3D printer factory!

Check out some pictures from the Spark 3D printer factory!

Picture of Help, I'm stuck in a 3D printer factory!
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Kiteman3 years ago

Unofficial caption competition!

I'll give a 3 month pro code to the best one I see before the end of Sunday, UK time.

I'll throw in three more 3 month pro codes so the winner has one full year's worth of pro.

"I should have picked build the kids IKEA furniture instead..."

I spent ~6 hours painting boxes for a kid's LEGO birthday party (Instructable coming soon) so Eric was running behind in the doing-fiddly-stuff competition. This made up for a lot.


Yo Dawg, I see you like 3D printers, so I built a 3D printer that prints 3D printers so that you can Create while you Create.

Jayefuu3 years ago

Those look great! You happy do be doing some engineering again?

Salvagione3 years ago

Do I cut the blue wire or the red wire.

Headline: Autodesk shares plummet when investors learn that company executives are assembling 3D printers at San Francisco sweatshop.

JON-A-TRON3 years ago

"Just two more, then they'll be able to make themselves."

phenoptix3 years ago

So the first five were 3D printers. I'm pretty sure this one MUST be the coffee machine I ordered...

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