Help Making Digital Ammo Counter For Nerf Gun

I'm looking to make a digital ammo counter for my Nerf gun. Mainly, I want a digital display to countdown from "6" to "0" each time two contacts touch. Is something like this possible? I've searched all over the internet and I have no other resources I would really appreciate any help on this subject. Thank you for reading this and I'm sorry if I broke some "first Post" kind of ethics in your forums; I could just really use some help. Thanks again.

TorBomb5 years ago
If you are modding any electric guns, take the pressure switches out, they are useless anyways. The stampede has at least 3 triggers in the clipspace alone that you could wire into or remove all together. put a switch behind the trigger.
TorBomb5 years ago
I am looking into the same thing. Just google it and you will get a lot of results. myself i am planning on going to RadioShack or another electronics dealer to see if i can buy one, failing that you can always make one from a calculator. My onyl concern is that you may want it to have several modes so you can load different types of clips, failing that, have a counter that counts up.
xproplayer9 years ago
well you could make a magnet switch when a magnet goes by it counts down and put a rare earth in the tip tho do some research