Help! My Computer Went Brain dead!

Well, I hope you guys are good with computers.

Update! It's dead; the motherboard and a memory thing were fried.

The situation: I have a Windows 2000 or NT(?) that is in my room. I use it for playing music on my stereo (it is plugged in by the auxiliary port on the stereo), and to do basic drawings in Inkscape.
I normally put it on standby when I'm not using it.
Well, I don't remember what happened exactly, but now it is totally non-responsive.
If I turn on the monitor, the LED on it will turn green (normal working color) then switch to yellow (standby or no-input from computer color, from what I understand).

If I unplug everything, the LED goes out on the actual computer, but when I plug it in, the LED turns on without me pushing it. Also, once it is on, the computer can't be turned off, even by the power switch. It is totally non-responsive.Here is a video of me checking and pushing buttons showing that it is dead.
I show the "standby" button on the keyboard that is lit up, a crescent shape, like a moon. I push it ad it doesn't do anything.

Please help, I have a bunch of music on there, and plan to make it my music center, for recording stuff from my guitar.
C'mon geeks, I know you're out there ;D

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Doctor What10 years ago
Try a baseball bat. BTW, good music in the background for the first second. David Bowie/Queen rocks!!
Play "Another One Bites the Dust"!
John Smith (author)  Sunbanks10 years ago
Yeah, that would be the best choice...
I agree. You should read this.


John Smith (author)  Doctor What10 years ago
Yeah, with a baseball bat my computer may feel "Under Pressure". Ha, that pun sucked.
Ah, but you can't beat the pleasure you'd feel (there's a pun for you LOL).
John Smith (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Yeah, it kinda did.
iman9 years ago
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