Help! Need to make an **easy** picture frame...

Hey y'all! So I need a bit of help here. I just finished this puzzle and I want to frame it (something I've never done before). I've looked around here and there aren't any frames that would fit a 20.5 inch X 28.5 inch puzzle. I refuse to pay the outrageous costs of custom framing, so unless something magically pops up, I will be building a frame for it. Building frames, building anything for that matter, is not my fortay and I would appreciate any and all tips y'all can provide. Thanks!!

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Kiteman9 years ago
Cheat. Glue the puzle to a backing board of some kind, and then fix appropriately-themed objects all aound the edge to disguise the board, say small flags of the world, or ornaments from each nation, or pebbles and driftwood. (Don't forget the 'ible as well!)
Patrik Kiteman9 years ago
Yup - don't forget to cover the puzzle with a clear coat, to protect it from moisture, dust, etc.
Stercus Fit (author)  Patrik9 years ago
Yeah, I got puzzle glue from Walmart. The problem was how to hang it. :) Does it still need the glue if it goes in a frame with a glass covering?
I would do without the glass. Just spray a couple layers of clear coat over the puzzle. Lighter, cheaper and safer.
I would still use the glue because you can't be certain that the back is pressing against the glass evenly all over.

We have all the staff mugshots in a single frame at school. Guess who is tipped over at 45o and heading slowly South?
Stercus Fit (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I love this idea and it's completely within my skill-set! Crafty but not too difficult for someone without tools. Awesome!! Thank you so much! :)
Any time, and thank you for not mentioning my typo.
I'll mention it!!!
Pokes back!
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