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Just wondering if any of you knowledgable folk can help me out. Of late I have experimenting with solar cells and energy production. I have been calculating some interesting results, many of which due to the use of lenses, magnification and mirrors etc. Alas this has led to more that on fried solar cell due to the temperatures im dealing with. Is there any practical way to obtain/construct a Thermo electric generator as pictured? I have spent some time with my friend Google, leaving me with little more than the notion that perhaps this technology is out of reach of the home experimentor. Think giant light cannon that can melt pennies. How can I harness this heat directly as apposed to, going the boiler/steam powered engine method?

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WilliamB33 years ago

I should mention that to get the mineral oil up to a specific temperature, but no hotter, you should put a thermometer in the oil, then remove oil from the heat source once it reaches the desired temperature. In this way, heat sources that are far too hot for a Peltier module can still be safely used to power the module. Rocket stoves are also far too hot for a standard Peltier module, but they'll heat a batch of mineral oil up to the Peltier's maximum working temperature just fine.

WilliamB33 years ago

No problem. Make 2 square metal reservoirs to hold liquid. Sandwich your TEG or Peltier module between them. Put cool water in the cold side.

Use your sun-laser (Fresnel lens) to heat up mineral oil ONLY to the module's maximum working temperature. Pour hot mineral oil into hot-side reservoir.

Should work without frying your module.

Store excess hot oil in a thermos & refill reservoir once initial batch of oil cools off.

Kiteman9 years ago
Focussed sunlight seems to be a promising heat-source for stirling engines.

If you're after direct thermo-electricity, try googling for Peltier and/or Seebeck effects.
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
Hey, wasn't Thermopile what the movie 300 was about? ...Oh, wait, that was Thermopylae. Never mind...
^Nice one.
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