Help With A Mouse-Trap Car

Okay, for physics class, we need to make a mouse-trap car, and I need some help. Basically, the only thing we can't have any electronics, or another mouse-trap. I've seen the ones on ibles here, and lots on google. The basic idea, is to have two CDs, each with a rubber band, or balloon around the edge for traction. But I am asking you, if you were making a mouse-trap car, what would you do?

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guyfrom7up8 years ago
things from expierience: -don't put traction on the wheels, you don't really need it. -make it long, straightness is key -put a 1 foot piece of carbon fibre tube (found at a hobbystore) on the mousetrap (cut off the neck breaking mechanism and just slip the tube over the wire, making everything straight) -from there pull a string that pulls a small axle. Attached to that axle it a medium wheel. That wheel pulls a string that pulls the axle of the drive wheel, which has CDs attached (works kinda like a gear box). That's what wins. Also, don't go for anything fancy super low friction, it usually just adds friction, like adding teflon tape to the axle.
bumpus (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
Could you explain the carbon fibre part please? And I was thinking the same thing about the axel! :D
I saw it on a make thing with kipkay (still not a big fan of him) except he used aluminum tube, but I found carbon fiber was just a little bit more expensive, it hardly bent at all, and it was much lighter. Google "make mousetrap car" or something like that for the podcast.
sounds more like a rolling catapault...the extra weight of ball bearings might negate the reduction in friction.
bumpus (author) 8 years ago
I'll add pictures tomorrow. :D
caitlinsdad8 years ago
I've only seen "direct drive" with the string wound on the axle. Could you rig it up to a pulley system to get more torque or do that and even gear it up? Go with the drag racer top fuel design with smaller CDs or those cut smaller for the front wheels. It might even do a wheelie if it starts too fast. NASCARize your dragster with robot stickers.
bumpus (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
If I had robot stickers.. :P
Chicken22098 years ago
Make did this, I think as a weekend project just search it on their channel on youtube, it will most likely tell you to use a kit, but atleast you get to see another example
bumpus (author)  Chicken22098 years ago
Thanks for the tip Chick.
Gjdj38 years ago
Some people here have been saying to just use cds but I wouldn't recommend that. My class had to do this and the kids who didn't put any grips around the edge had trouble getting the car to start rolling. This is probably only a problem if you're racing on a hard surface but I still wouldn't take any risks.
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