Help (could'nt think of a way to easily describe what I need)

Does anyone know how you could write a program (or If there is one) that would record exactly what you click on your computer then be able to reapeat it over and over again?? the pic has nothing to do with any of this other than its a rad album and you should go buy it oh and wtf w/ this weather its easter and I had to shovel??

Picture of Help (could'nt think of a way to easily describe what I need)
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What do you mean exactly what you click? I wrote my own keylogger (VB) that knows what windows you are in and when, and I know how to make the mouse move and click. Is that what you're asking??
Where can I find this 'keylogger'?
I can give it to you, if you'd like...
It's not a virus, is it?
No, but if your firewall has any smarts it will ask you about it, or may even quarantine it because it is gathering information in a "suspicious way". :-)
Hasn't done this for me yet.... My computer's happy to give it all of its keystroke-related info. (as well as some other stuff)
I have the virus checker portion of my firewall, and Avast! set pretty much to maximum it watches everything coming in, going out, and anything NEW on the computer. It seems like a pain to tell it what to do, but it is also one of the safest ways too (until my wife gets online, and calls me at work about "what to do about the message that popped up" *sigh*)
Haha! This is why I don't let my mom touch my computer =P

I haven't gotten a virus since I bought this computer...... 6 years ago? The only anti-blegh stuff I use is Firefox and Norton.
Ugh, Norton, but everyone has their likes and dislikes I suppose :-) The absence of a virus however doesn't mean no one is "watching" ;-)
PKM xACIDITYx9 years ago
Remember, depending on how you use it it may be seriously illegal. If you want to use it like a macro recorder to automate tasks, then fine. If you want to steal your siblings' passwords or anything more significant- don't.
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