Help me and win a 3 months PRO membership!

Here's the deal:
I won a 3 months PRO membership with this Ible and I need some help. So why not combine the both?

So far I have launched my website and people are picking it up. I have done (some) Google Search Engine Optimization and joined a very appropriate Group on Flickr called "Take pictures while riding a bike".
However, that's not enough. I would like to intesify my Internet marketing effort so I am looking for:

1. Sites that review new products that are related to cycling and / or photography.
2. Good blog-spots that review these kind of articles as well.
3. Other internet places like, social media, where I could join similar discussions / groups. I promise, I won't just Spam.

Note to point 3: I don't have any Facebook friends simply because I don't have a Facebook account (measured in Internet time, I'm a dinosaur). Should I join anyway? Just for this purpose?

Share your ideas and sites with me, the best answer (to be decided by me) earns a 3 month PRO membership!

Hope to hear from you!!

UPDATE: I have rewarded the 3 month PRO membership to Waterbaby.
Thanks everyone for all the useful suggestions!

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waterbaby6 years ago
hotojojo ( is a great site for all sorts of photography info, how-tos, and DIY; they even published a book a couple of years ago. They also have an online store where they sell a lot of cool, fun, and useful camera accoutrements -- your camera clip might be a perfect fit for them.
bertus52x11 (author)  waterbaby6 years ago
It is a great site indeed! I didn't know it.
Do you know if they design all the stuff they sell? Or do they sell other companies' stuff as well? I was triggered because I recognised some products I have seen elsewhere on the internet...
I'm pretty sure they don't make the stuff they sell -- they mention buying trips from time to time, and I, too, have seen some of the products elsewhere. Couldn't help but think they might be a distribution channel for you, and I'm guessing creative non-bikers could easily figure out ways to utilize the camera clip for other kinds of active adventures (reverse view of skateboarding, anyone?).

Also, I just noticed that somehow the very first letter of my original post managed to go missing, so for anyone who might have noticed and be wondering: the site is Photojojo, not hotojojo....
bertus52x11 (author)  waterbaby6 years ago
ChrysN6 years ago
bertus52x11 (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
Thanks, I'll use some of it.
susanrm6 years ago
I don't need another pro membership, so these ideas are free:

1) Trade shows.

2) Ask your local bike shop about distributors, and contact them.

3) Contact bicycle clubs in the area. Have a booth at various organized bike rides.

I know these are often the ways I find out about new products and get interested in them, and word of mouth can be powerful as well.
fozzy136 years ago
Facebook and Twitter are certainly great and popular options for social networking.

As far as photos go, Flickr is always good.
Photobucket is another one, though not as popular.

DeviantArt ( is a general art website, but isn't specifically related to cycling.

HubPages ( is a space where you can write articles about anything you want, in this case your business, where people can see them.

Blogging is great too, (, where people can follow you and hear all of your posts.

A google search of "cycling forums" yielded tons of results, where you can easily set up an account and try without spamming to reach potential customers.

Hope this helps.
bertus52x11 (author)  fozzy136 years ago
Thanks! Hubpages is an interessting site regardless of my ventures.
You're welcome! Hopefully this can help a little. That's a very interesting product you have!
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