Help me design a table like this?

I have long dreamed of building a capstan table for my home like DB Fletcher's beautiful designs (google it if you aren't familiar). I have researched various jupe tables and similar expanding round tables with none that satisfied me - either they were designs I was afraid to try and recreate then build, or the product was not what I wanted for my home.

But I now have found a very satisfactory compromise; something I feel is possible for me to design and build myself, and which would look great in my home.

I just don't have enough time in the day to do all of my projects... so I am hoping to find some collaborators here who will contribute time to help me design a knock-off of this table. Here's a link to an swf demonstration of the table in action...

So... who wants to help me out?

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lithics2 years ago

Here this should help. Go to U can buy plans for a 4 leaf one based on Jupes design. The 6 leaf one mite as well forget tryin to build it. Ive seen a complete tare down of Fletchers tables. Ther so complex it gave me a headache thinkin abt it

Kisaa2 years ago

Hi here, is any progress to take a look?

jeanniel12 years ago

How's it going? It took David Fletcher 15 years to design ... I'd like to help, but only have SolidWorks drawing experience, and a bit of wood working. Some CNC skills, too.

Hi here, is any progress to take a look? Regards, Alex

This guy recreated the design of the table you're referring to:

Can you please add part3.prt to the download link?

Jack893 years ago
I think you are very beautiful crafts made ​​out of
harlekeyn4 years ago
karossii (author)  harlekeyn4 years ago
Very, very helpful. Thank You!
Karossii, are you perhaps capable of converting the SolidWorks files to Google Sketchup?
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