Help me find a place for an Instructables sticker! Win a patch!

I have an extra sticker from Instructables, but the problem is that I don't know where to put it.  I need your help to help me find a place to put it.

Here's a few places where I can't put it:
- iPod nano (already has an instructables sticker on it)
- Cell phone (Already has an Apple sticker on it
- Laptop (Already has Apple sticker on it)
- Desktop (Already has Apple sticker)
- Video camera (Sticker is too big to fit on the camera)

I'm not putting it on low-ticket items like printers, or on fabrics like a backpack.  So if you can think of a place where I can put the sticker, post a comment.  If I like your suggestion, you win a patch.  Thanks for your help!

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Furloy7 years ago
your in high school so you could put it on your locker
school binder
mail box
if you skateboard on your board
a helmet of some kind
little sibling?

DJ Radio (author)  Furloy7 years ago
I couldn't put it on my locker, I have to give it back to the school. But one time my friend got a locker with an "abortion" sticker on it, that was pretty funny.

School binder seems good but I end up throwing binders away at the end of the year because they get all ripped up, so maybe not.

I don't skateboard.

Don't have a helmet. Yes, I'm a rebel.

Don't have a sibling.
Furloy DJ Radio7 years ago
btw what is your best knex gun. i need i sidearm (can be anything) to accompany my tr18

Furloy DJ Radio7 years ago
hmmm ok. heres more ideas:

door of your bedroom
on a tub of knex
refridgerator door
in the middle of a tr18 turret
on a bookmark-might get lost or rip
you have reach so you could put it on the xbox360 or a controller
if you play an instrument you could put it on the case (not piano)
a pencil sharpener

hope you find a good spot for it!

On your peni.... Oh wait.
Good idea!
YOUR FACE, lol, jk, ummmmmmmmmmm, Fridge?
gmjhowe7 years ago
I have 39 stickers. Perhaps I could put on on every suggestion?
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