Help me find the perfect gift for "Her"

I have until January 20 to find the perfect gift for what I'd call the perfect woman.

She's into Indie bands, works at a music shop, and loves poetry etc.

One Idea I had: Guitar inscribed with one huge love poem, but here's the catch:

She lives about 13 states away from me (Ohio-Oregon)

and I'd have to ship whatever I made.

I will take any advice, any designs, instructables, tips ANYTHING you have to offer.

I offer nothing of value in return, other than knowing you may have helped another soul.


EDIT: I have a budget of $130 but I may be able to raise some more funds.

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Brice114 years ago
According to my knowledge, flowers are ever best gift. Otherwise books are also good. Go to a store nearby you, I bet you will definitely find something good.
Well... I think your idea of the guitar inscribed with a love poem is a good idea... but like you said, you'll have an issue with the shipping. Why don't you get her some fine guitar picks and then inscribe the poem onto a plaque, or carve/burn the poem onto a peice of smooth glass? I don't know if it's a good idea, but it's an option. Good luck! (;
lemonie7 years ago
The gift is from you, so put as much of you into it as you can. anything will be fine if you do that.

gmjhowe7 years ago
If she is the perfect woman, would she not also have to be an active member in instructables?

Which means she will also see all our suggestions?
Pumpkin$ (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
o_o didn't even think about that.
Kiteman7 years ago
Carve a guitar plaque instead of mailing a full-sized guitar.

Write a slightly shorter love poem and burn it (pyrography) into the back of the plaque.
Pumpkin$ (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Good idea, I'll consider it.
BrittLiv7 years ago
How about writing a song for her and maybe recording it?
Pumpkin$ (author)  BrittLiv7 years ago
Hmm.. I could, I have some dubbing software... I can't play and sing at the same time sadly, so that might be my best bet.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  If she's "the perfect woman" for you, it won't really matter what you get. ;)
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