Help me guys! I need to measure a motors lift weight(for a flying machine)!

So, I'm making a hover bike. Yea, dont judge me. And i have to measure the motor(s) needed to lift my bike. I have measured that my bike will weight about 75kg with me without the motors. So i need motor that can lift 75kg+(motors weight) at a power consumption of (something). Help please? :D

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Toga_Dan6 months ago

Colin furze did somethin like this. Check youtube.

ТерентийМ (author)  Toga_Dan6 months ago

I know. But he didn't use electric motors. He used gas motors.

Ah. I'm not at all sure that electric will have the power to weight ratio you need.

caitlinsdad6 months ago

You need to take into account other things when designing...forced duct air or propeller, how many, placement, prop or blade efficiency, electric or gas, gearing or drive transmission, added weight of batteries needed to power, there are youtube videos of others that have built a hoverbike, prototype at least, see what they use. Good luck.

ТерентийМ (author)  caitlinsdad6 months ago

well, i have all of that data ready, 2 propellers, front and back, blades made of either metal/plastic/carbon fiber, electric, batteries weight of 5 kg, and i have seen videos.

I would go for a 2 stroke motorbike engine.
You can get these mini bikes with 80 or even 125ccm engines often for under 100 bucks second hand.
Of course you need some sort of differential or 90° gear for props facing down as you need to keep the engine more or less upright.
Good thing about 2 stroke engines is that get high revs and respond well and fast to the throttle.
Downside is the noise and smoke/smell.
With a powerful engine you could also consider a single engine system where the props are driven by a variable differential, would save quite a few kg but requires good engeneering.

ТерентийМ (author)  Downunder35m6 months ago

Well, i have a problem. I dont know a f*** about gas engines.

You are not trying to say you wanted to create a battery powered hoverbike???
If so forget it as your batteries will be too big to handle.
Petrol is the only way to go unless you want hover with an extension cord...

ТерентийМ (author)  Downunder35m6 months ago

Oh well. (I choose you petrol) I just found a 80cc bike engine conversion kit for $100 on alibaba.

ТерентийМ (author)  caitlinsdad6 months ago

not that hard to make. just a little bit expensive

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