Help modding an electric lawn mower to run from a car battery?

Hi - I have an electric lawn mower that uses US standard 110v wall current. I'd like to create a battery power conversion "harness" so I can power the mower from a deep cycle car/marine battery instead of wall power. I have a converter that's intended to convert from car cigarette lighter socket power to 110v for powering things like laptops while inside a car; would it be possible to simply connect leads from the cigarette socket converter to the car battery, then plug the mower into the converter? is there another type of inverter/converter device that would more usefully work to convert battery power to 110v AC? Thanks in advance for any suggestions... Kern

PKM8 years ago
I think your plan is sound and would work. Powering a 110V inverter from the battery and running a mains load off that is feasible, certainly. The mower may draw a higher wattage than the inverter (or the battery) can supply, though- make sure you check that the numbers match up before you try it. If you are going to wire this up, I'd ditch the cigarette lighter plug/socket- they aren't designed for high current for long periods so might heat up and potentially become dangerous. The "socket" for the battery could be harder, I think battery terminals are meant to be hard to remove because they need to make a very good connection. If you can find a suitably high current rated plug/socket combination, you could permanently wire a socket to the battery and then wire plugs to your various loads (veggie oil pump and inverter for mower).
kerns (author) 8 years ago
I should add that I plan to keep using the same deep cycle battery to power my waste veggie oil filtering pump, so I'd also build a "socket" or housing/frame for the battery on top of the mower body. That way I could swap the battery in and out of the mower's added frame, clipping/unclipping leads from the power converting harness to the battery terminals.