Help my arrows don't fly straight!!!!!!

i just made a bow from pvc pipe it works great but my arrows don't fly straight they are very dangerous but as i said need work i have looked and looked for fletching tips so can you send me some hints

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flechings if you dind know what theese are then dont bother makeing arrows also go to home depot and get some 16 gauge welding steel to make good tips
11richie217 years ago
feathers on your arrows allow them to fly more accurately out of my experiences with a homemade bow i made
knexmaniac10 years ago
i dont know if this will help you, bot drill a hole in it and fire
kola10 years ago
my opinion on why your arrows don't fly straight is because 1.your arrows are not straight 2.your arrows don't have fletchings did not draw the bow properly or you did not nock the arrow properly 4.your bow does not have an arrow shelve,basicly a nock to hold the arrow so,make proper fletched arrows and improve your bow skills.You shoul not tighten the bowstring to much.Also,visit my user to view my new instructable on how to make a wooden blowgun
whatsisface10 years ago
if you tried all of the above, and you have fletchings, it may be down to your perhaps inconsistent technique. I would reccomend either using dowel or buying arrow shafts cheaply. I would start by straightening the arrows, adding fletchings and then looking at your technique.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. You arrows need to be straight. Your's has a curve to it.
>doh< I should have spotted that. Douggiedevil, you need to fix your arrow's shaft before even thinking about fletching or heads.
jtobako10 years ago
Computer ate my reply : ( Try spine instead of fletching when searching. Leatherwall, the bowyer's den or stickbow are all good places to start reading. Arrows have to flex to work, but not too much or too little. Some of the things that can affect the amount of flex include how flexible the shaft of the arrow is, as well as how long the arrow is (longer is stiffer), how long your draw is(changing the effective length of the arrow and how strong the bow is), how strong your bow is, how heavy the arrowhead is (heavier heads make the arrow more flexible), how far the arrow rest is from the center of the bow (farther off center needs a more flexible arrow), how you release the string (not just consistant release but where on the string the arrow sits)... Which way is the arrow going wild? Up or down is an error in where the arrow is on the string, left or right is an error in spine. I'd have to look up which way is which error, it's been a while.
douggiedevil (author)  jtobako10 years ago
thanks and the arrow went random but mostly the tail end would take plaece of the front
Simplest fletching is a two-'feather' duct tape style, about 4-5 inches long. Just take one piece of tape, lay it flat, put the arrow on it, then another piece of tape on that (sticky sides inside the 'sandwich'). I'd guess that you have too much weight at the tip-'normal' arrows only have a fraction of an ounce in the tip-about a coin's worth. The weight of the tip is not speeding up fast enough, so the flexibility of the shaft is just twisting the arrow rather than driving the front.
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