Help needed: How to fix a small figurine (not porcelain)

Does anyone know how to repair small figurines. Not porcelain, but maybe gypsum, another one i think is limestone. I have a small dragon, but its head broke off, and then another dragon that broke in 2 places. any suggestions on where i can find some guidance on how to repair it? thanks Attached are 2 pictures of the breaks

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jtobako10 years ago
Resin casts are a little greasy, so the cyanoacrylics don't stick for long. You could try wiping with acetone, or use epoxy. If the material is chalky (some type of plaster cast) you may have to stabilize it first by soaking some glue into the material-epoxy thins with acetone, you can get thin cyanoacrylic glue. Let it soak in, leave it to set, wipe with acetone and then glue together. Zap-a-gap can be improvised if you sprinkle baking soda on wet cyanoacrylic or let the glue soak into it. You probably will have to do some cleanup around the glue joint, but wait for it to set up fully first. Pin drills can be improvised by sharpening the end of a steel/iron wire with a flat arrowhead type point. They are slow, need to be pulled out offen and wiped off, but they work in an emergency. A fancy version can be made by lightly hammering the end flat before sharpening.
Lithium Rain10 years ago
crazy glue GEL from the $ store.
ebaskin (author) 10 years ago
I do have all or almost all missing pieces. i have tried crazy glue gel, it fell off after a while. i have a sense that I will need to clear off crazy glue somehow, then try other things. this is only on green dragon. the other one i never tried to repair. I also think that maybe i should drill in with a very small bit and then put some thing thin like very small toothpick to hold it together before i glue. but since i have never done this before, I am looking for advice. I will try the hobby shop see if they can help. I will definitely try Zap-a-gap. thanks. I think you are right about the green dragon I think it is made from plastic resin. We got it from a game shop in Brussels. the other dragon is from Mexico and i think it is a local stone, I think limestone. But I am only guessing. thank you for your help.
Patrik ebaskin10 years ago
Yes - pinning the break would be a good idea. You can get something called a "pin vice". Essentially, it's just a tiny hand-powered drill, made to hold tiny drill bits. Often used for jewelry and miniature building. They're cheap and give better control than, say, a dremel. You should be able to find one at a hobby shop, jewelry supply store, or even at your local roleplaying store. The traditional material for the pin itself is just a paperclip: easy to find, plenty strong, yet easy to shape and cut.
Goodhart10 years ago
Sorry, meant to give a link too: Krazy Glue Gel
Sunbanks Goodhart10 years ago
It's irritating with vanilla fragrance. That's weird.
Goodhart Sunbanks10 years ago
Vanilla ? I wouldn't like that so much either...but I haven't ever come across that one.
Sunbanks Goodhart10 years ago
Well if you go here and scroll down to section 3.1 It says "Emergency Overview" and then it says: Appearance Colorless gel
Odor Irritating with vanilla fragrance
May become unstable at high temperatures or may react with water.
May be harmful if inhaled. May cause irritation of nose, throat and
Can bond skin. Causes skin irritation.
Causes eye irritation.
Goodhart Sunbanks10 years ago
Well, the only really irritating thing I have found while using Crazy glue is how fast it bonds skin.....that can be a real mess :-)
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
Causes eye irritation.

Yeah, I wouldn't put it in my eye, for sure LOL
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