Help needed: Slenderman Costume

I hope you are all familiar with the slenderman mythos. If you aren't, then please check here and here for details.

For a halloween party in two weeks time, I am planning on going as the slenderman for a multitude of reasons ( I am very, very tall). I am fine with the suit part, in fact I already had all the pieces before I had the idea. The only problem is the mask. You will have found out that the slenderman has a head but no hair, ears or face. I want to make it appear flesh coloured but i don't want to spend much money on this. I'd prefer a simple method like a balaclava and thin fabric or something but I don't think that would hide my eyes enough. Basically, I need ideas for a slenderman mask. Any help will be appreciated!


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twilightfox2 years ago

There are full body suits like these that cover face...

mrpieman925 years ago
ok everyone slenderman isnt real so stop saying "omg i saw him with my own eyes" also slenderman isnt skin color his skin is white and does anyone know what those cool tentical like matereal with the wire inside of them are called? because this year im going as slender and i need some tenticales so if any of u guys have tenticle ideas email me
The Jamalam (author)  mrpieman925 years ago
He looks better when he's flesh coloured in my opinion, and there's lots of different versions of slenderman so there's room for error. No idea about the tenticles though, sorry.
Cyclone17645 years ago
Bit late now, but for 15 dollars you could buy a white morph mask
The Jamalam (author) 5 years ago
Guys I did the costume last year, I don't need ideas any more!
Pictures, please?
morph suit
Cyclone17645 years ago
Have you watched Marble Hornets? (out of curiousuty)
The Jamalam (author)  Cyclone17645 years ago
Oh of course, that's what introduced me to slendy in the first place :)
Its also the reason why I sleep with a knife in my hand :)
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