Help needed again... does anyone have anything that needs being waterproofed?

I have this idea for a fairly good waterproof housing, and I am trying to make a video out of it... The problem is: I'm looking for something exciting/catchy to waterproof, that would catch people's attention. I thought of putting a cellphone or walky talky in the housing, going under water and making funny sounds, while someone listens to it on the shore with a second handset... Anyone can come up with a better idea?

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westfw10 years ago
Ok... It'd be cool to have a waterproof housing for one of the commonly available, cheap, standard, disposable (film) cameras (Kodak or Fuji, I guess.) Or for that matter, one of the disposable digital cameras! Another idea: underwater "LED Throwies" (adjust for neutral boyuancy; throw a bunch in your swimming pool.)
Andrew546 westfw10 years ago
I like underwater throwies!
sam noyoun (author)  westfw10 years ago
I'd thought of the digital camera, but certainly not of the 'underwater led throwies'. You have a rich imagination!
cheordinario10 years ago
my cousin practice funboard (winsurnfing in waves) and always says: it would be cool if i can have a waterproof walkman. the problem is not the case for the walkman or mp3 player, it is the headphones. i made ones but sounds really bad.
sam noyoun (author)  cheordinario10 years ago
Sadly, I don't really have an answer for the headphones either...
LasVegas10 years ago
It would be great to waterproof a cell phone without loosing functionality. Moisture is one of the more common causes of cell phone problems.
teaaddict31410 years ago
acrylic plastic or plexiglass...use a plastic solvent to glue the pieces together and it should make it water proof if your looking for something a little more flexible..well...a plastic bag
He's not looking for a process of making a waterproof container. He's looking for something to put in it.
lemonie10 years ago
Tell us more about your waterproof housing idea, and we may be able to come up with something.