Help needed/ challenge

Alright I have a pretty cool new idea for a weapon but I lack something important. I've been looking through semi automatic RBG triggers but most of them are poorly designed. I want one that takes as little effort as possible to pull. Perhaps a sliding trigger of some sort? I've tried several times but could never make one that even works let alone satisfies my needs. I'd also like the mechanism to stand at least 8 #64s. Anyone up to it? Whoever figures something out can get an early preview of what I have in store.

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bakinbitz came up with a super strong rubberband mech, try asking him
It wouldn't fire the last shot, I don't think Td wants such a flaw in his gun.
Just add one extra band that is built into the wheel to keep pressure on it, that band wouldn't fire, it would be to keep the gun working.
He means super strong as in you need a lot of pressure on it to pull the trigger, like a 3ft barrel.
~Aeronous~7 years ago
I have the perfect RBG trigger for you, I haven't posted it yet but I'll send you a pic first. Is what you have in store anything new?
TheDunkis (author)  ~Aeronous~7 years ago
The idea is plenty new as far as I'm concerned. It's new enough that I want to keep it quiet until I know I've got a working prototype.
Okay then! I'll look forward to it.
Oh, but it requires 2 piece mods, and one of them is on a yellow con. it HEAVILY mutates it.
stale567 years ago
This will be hard. Whenever I make an RBG and load it with rubberbands, it takes a LOT of force to pull the trigger, and will sometimes jam and they all fly off at once. I just built a gun, so I'm low on pieces at the moment, so my RBG may take a while to complete, but consider your challenge accepted by me.
stale56 stale567 years ago
I think I got it! I just need to test it with rubberbands now! I spent a few hours on the mech, and I think I got it!
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