Help needed... spraycan for talcum powder

Hi, I'm working on a project at the moment, and I'm trying to come up with an ingenious solution to spray talcum powder over a distance of 6 feet, or so... a bit like an aerosol spray. I've thought of a squeeze bottle (but that's a bit rubbish as you don't get any distance), or something like those modern water pistols fashioned out of a bicycle pump? Anyway, I'm stuck... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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carbon10 years ago
I'm thinking: Fan / Vaccum air intake hooked up to a tube, and one feeds powder in through the back.

I wonder if there are already commercial products (for parties, maybe?) that spray out powder/ confetti

A sandblaster?

I love these lines!
John Smith carbon10 years ago
How do you get the lines to work?!
carbon John Smith10 years ago
Okay, it's really complicated. Try to follow me here:

With me so far? Let me show you again:

Nah, just type out 4+ dashes all right next to eachother. :)
John Smith carbon10 years ago

carbon carbon10 years ago
I swear that I've seen little leaf-blower like things with a hopper for dusting plants, etc. with pesticides.
carbon carbon10 years ago
Hehe, Tool's post just showed up for me. That's exactly what I was thinking about!
carbon carbon10 years ago
You couldn't drop a hint as to what it's for, could you?
trebuchet0310 years ago
What task are you trying to complete? I've sprayed a talcum dope suspended in ethanol - you can get a very long stream ;) But, you won't get a nice dispersion. Yes - ethanol.... 200 proof too (until you open the bottle and expose it to moisture :P) ;)
sam noyoun (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
I'm trying to make a homemade pepper spray. What did you use to spray the ethanol?
Ahh- then this wouldn't be very good.... 1. Ethanol + eyes (or any mucous membrane) - not a good thing at all 2. It's done with an HVLP spray gun :P
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