Help on R/C plane workings

This is my first time on the site and first time with trying to build a rc anything.  My mind is so scrambled due to constant searching online and I still don't know where to start. First, I thought of building a brushless motor.  Seeing some online looks awesome.  Just some wire, rod and a magnet to a battery.  But I do not know the size of battery nor  how the size of the wire will change my project. Second, it would be fun to have my PS2 controller, control the heli or plane I choose to build. Is this possible. Third, can I use a motor from a cheap heli in a plane and have control over the speed? Lastly for now, is there a way to figure what motor I need if I was going to build a slow flyer vs a outdoor micro flyer?  I have been looking at weight mostly and don't know if I need to be that concerned. Please help if you dare to take me on as a challenge case.

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caitlinsdad4 years ago
1. Why are you building a motor? Sure, the basic ones for experimentation are fun to do but was there any expectation to use a homebrew motor to power something?
2. Have you any experience with model planes? Helicopters are more complex.
3. Have you any experience or understanding of remote control systems?
4. Is there anything out there that you want to copy or do with R/C planes for realism or just want a flying toy?
5. Do you have any experience with electronics or understanding schematics?
Todd M (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
1. Just for the satisfaction. I love to build from scratch.
2. Almost none.
3. very little
4. just want a flying toy
5. No experience in the electronics. Sounds pretty grim?
I can see what you are getting at but you really are taking on too much without having a foundation in the basics involved. I would suggest you go the other way around and take apart one of those "cheap" r/c flying toys. You can then go component by component to figure out how they got it to work. You can also see the result of a multi-million dollar factory producing mass market goods. Along the way you will learn about IR or radio remote control, aerodynamics, autogyro, balance of center of gravity, battery powered electronics, etc. Read up on a few instructables and see how they do it. Good luck.
Todd M (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Can I use the internal parts from a heli for a plane. I guess if I went that route, I wouldn't have servos though, is that correct?
Kiteman Todd M4 years ago
Try this: