Help : simple, useful electrical/electronics project ideas??

Help : simple, useful electrical/electronics project ideas??

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How random of a light are you talking about? Most projects will set up a blinking LED, but a truly random ON and/or OFF time is a different matter entirely. It can still be easily and cheaply done, it would just require more thought.
Cormac464 years ago
looking for someone to build a light preferably red that would come on randomly be powered by solar like a calculator panel. The solare panel has to be less than 10'' square and the light, software box cannot be wider than 3" square preferably not more that a 1/2''' deep.

I would be willing to pay to get this done as long as it is not too crazy a price. It is for a metal sculpture piece i am working on.
my email address is LFop717869@aol.com


Toga_Dan4 years ago
If one is getting started, kit projects are great. There's something to be said for having everything neatly packaged. Those kits with temporary assembly are neat. Very quick way to prototype + modify .
blkhawk4 years ago
There are a few sites with electronic schematics:
You have an entire Technology section of the site to find what your looking for.