Help the Mythbusters!

The Mythbusters want you!

From MAKE:Blog:

Because it's been so popular with our viewers, this will be our third attempt at a story called Archimedes Death Ray. The myth is that the Roman army defended themselves from invading Greek ships by lining the shores with 300 soldiers. But these soldiers did not use conventional warfare. By using their mirrored shields to focus the sun's rays at the invading ships they could, the myth alleges, set the invading ships on fire and save the city.

300- 350 Volunteers to operate mirrors for the one day of experiment (engineering and science backgrounds preferred)


  • We would require volunteers to be 18 years or older and to Pre-register with us prior to the experiment date by email.
  • All volunteers would be required to sign a Participant Release/Liability waiver.
  • Experiment will take place in September (date still to be determined).
  • Volunteers will need to be available from 9am to 7pm and would have to bring their own lunch and transport themselves to the location (similar to going to an outdoor concert). Possible locations include the Greek Theater, Oyster Point Marina or Alameda NAS.
  • We'll supply volunteers with a MythBusters T-shirt, a signed autograph card and possibly a group photo with Jamie and Adam.

  • HOW TO GET INVOLVEDSend and email to: provide Full Name, Age and Contact InformationPlease write [*MythBusters - Death Ray*] in the subject header.MythBusters will then follow up and contact them with more details verysoon.

Anyone in the Bay area fancy it? Could be fun, but also very dull, standing still with a mirror and all.

I'd say it's worth it for the TV factor, meeting the Mythbusters and the free T-Shirt.

I envy you Bay-dwellers...

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I want to spend a summer living in california
So do I!
Tell me when you want to spent time in australia
i would love to spend time in australia
Australia is AWSOME!! trust me i live there...
*GASP* Are you mad max? :P
I could neither confirm nor deny that...
I live here too. MELBOURNE RULES!!! (Home to the F1s)
i was born in Melbourne... florida
Melbourne born and bred baby!
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