Help to Knit a Moustache design into a jumper.

Hi there.

Can anyone help me create a template to knit a moustache into a jumper?

I need help!


Jayefuu5 years ago
Try uploading a picture of a mustache to picstoknits.
miss_purl (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
thanks so much for this, but it only lets me make according to a cushion cover... I don't want the moustache that big... and I am not sure what dimensions to put in using the "custom" option... as you can see I am a complete novice!!
Any help?

At the top right of PicsToKnits website, are links to "How to Use PicsToKnits", "Step By Step Guide" and "Tutorials".
Kiteman Jayefuu5 years ago
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