Help wanted for making custom map for halo.

I am working with Berkin to create a map called "Murderer's peak" for halo CE.  However, due to system issues with both of us, we need some help.

Anyone who is willing to help will need 3ds max 5 or 8.  Also HEK(Halo editing kit).

Picture of what we are doing:

Picture of Help wanted for making custom map for halo.
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beanz557 years ago
i would help if icould looks great so far keep it up 
say can i help besides my studio staff is kinda coclk wise well one of them is os any whys i have phototmax, abobe photoshop,3ds max 6.0 and 8 plus 2 years in the games industry and currenlty am in the sfaffing of 16 people 3 are annoying and funney at the same time plus i am nearly working on a game but that i can't tell so can i help now?.......
Berkin7 years ago
Actually DJ, I fixed my 'system issue'.  I needed to install .NET Framework 3.5.

Everything works now!
Im going to have to get halo ce ! ive been playing halo on the xbox recently and liked it !
builder9687 years ago
Sorry, I don't have Xbox Live, but if I did, I would happily help.
DJ Radio (author)  builder9687 years ago
You dont need an xbox.  Just halo CE for the PC.
Oh. Sorry.
Do you have Halo Custom Edition?
~KGB~7 years ago
dam! i only have it on the xbox!