Help with 1/8 inch phone plug

what side is positive and what side is negative on a phone plug? when i unscrew it it has a long end and a short end. This is the one im using:

and advice?

lemonie8 years ago
I guess it unscrews - make sure you thread the wire through the sleeve before soldering (it's an easy mistake to make) L
um0123 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i kno you unscrew it, but i dont know which of the two leads are postive and negative once unscrewed.
lemonie um01238 years ago
caitlinsdad has answered this.
My point was (from experience) make sure you don't have to unsolder it again cos you forgot to thread the sleeve...

caitlinsdad8 years ago

The tip is hot/positive, solder to the center.
The sleeve, big part should be ground/negative, usually the big tab to solder to. It should be visible that it is in metal contact with the sleeve. Good luck.