Help with Handle.

I need help designing a handle for my new gun. The problem with my current one is that is only connects to the gun in 4 places, and can easily twist off. Any help?

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sprout_less7 years ago
 Not trying to be mean, but the gun seems to look horrid.
Bartboy (author)  sprout_less7 years ago
I took the plates off it so people could get an idea as to how I needed the handle to be designed
dsman1952767 years ago
Noteing that the gun is 5 connectors long, you should add another middle layer to the handle, and see if that helps.
this is a few months old.  I dont think he has it.
 Sorry, i just saw it in the recent forums, by bad.
Bartboy (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
nah, I still have it. I forget how, but I made a good handle, and this gun is just for fun.
KnexFreek7 years ago
LOL idk

(can u best answer this? for now? you can change it later lol )
... This is a forum not a question...
This is a thread not a forum.
 LOL oops!