Help with PDR?

Alright, my previous partner, trauts, hasn't shown for quite awhile. I kind of let the project die with him but I remember now just how awesome the real (concept) gun is and I want a K'nex version. Unlike most other guns, it seems like something I can actually build entirely too. I'm falling behind in replicating though, having not made anything big since the over 1.5 year old UMP-45 so Selez, Knexguy, etc. or anyone really, wanna help out?

The PDR is a tricky gun because it's a bullpup with limited space in the stock for a firing system. This would require something advanced like either a special bolt action system or perhaps a slingshot? It also has some interesting structures like the back handle brace and entire front grip.

Here's a picture of my first try. I was mostly focused on the back part and making it practical as opposed to super realistic. This is more of an example seeing how we'll probably need to completely redesign it. I also provided a picture for the real one (well in drawing form) and a couple of important notes. PM if you're willing to work on this with me. Please, experienced builders only.

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tytiger336 years ago
Got any more pics of this besides the one on the other page?
TheDunkis (author)  tytiger336 years ago
Nope. For future reference, just assume that any pictures I show are all the pictures I got.
Ok sorry if I have been bothering you it's just you're a great builder and I want to be able to build what you're showing.
jollex6 years ago
You have any internal pics?
PDR Not really much help, but I got a standard mech to work with it.
DJ Radio7 years ago
The PDR doesn't need to be that complicated. You could just put a fake mag where the bullpup is, then put the real mag in front and you will be fine.
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Fake magazines don't do replicas justice. It's the challenge of bullpup weapons that make them fun to build. A slingshot mechanism would actually be less complicated than making any sort of pin structure.
You think they are challenging? I'm making a ridiculously easy bullpup replica right now.
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Depends on the gun. I was just saying, a slingshot mechanism would actually make them pretty easy. Making an effective firing pin system is a problem though. If you leave the chamber right above the magazine, for max power you'd have a horribly long stock to hold the pin.
knexguy7 years ago
I would love to have a go. I have been meaning to try one by myself for a while.
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