Help with video screen

Here is a picture of a screen I just picked up. Any one know any uses for it?

Picture of Help with video screen
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dogsrcool2me (author) 10 years ago
any good websites?
dogsrcool2me (author) 10 years ago
here is a picture of the back with the chips. I got this display for free!
dogsrcool2me (author) 10 years ago
It is from a tape drive library.
westfw10 years ago
pretty nice looking. It even has a standard connector. Need to see what electronics (which chips) are on that card, though. Looks like it has the CCFL driver and touch screen interface of some sort. If it's got too much custom stuff on it, you chances of figuring it out are pretty small :-( OTOH, it looks like there's another connector to the display itself that is probably one of the common LCD panel interfaces (which are a pain, but potentially usable.)
Jezza Bear10 years ago
Hey that looks pretty good kit, If I am seeing right the front part of the screen looks polarised, could be useful for optical stuff
Not polarized. That's a touch screen.
LasVegas10 years ago
That's a 6-8" touch screen LCD. Probably for some cash register, ATM or small kiosk.