Herbst Appliance


cant believe the attention this has got.
either way i got my braces august of 2008. Wednesday before school started.
straight teeth finally, and i can eat! so great.
either way it still took like 5 or 6 years, too long.
Im just wearing an invisible retainer(behind my teeth, its glued in, its just a wire). Cant even feel it.
Just think- if you have braces- how good it will feel when you get them off...

OK, I have braces, meant to correct the spaces that were in between my teeth, and also, to move my lower jaw forward. I've had them for...5 YEARS! Needless to say, they JUST finished closing most of the gaps(again, after 5 years), and are working on moving my jaw forward. So, like almost every person I see with braces (well, some), I got rubber bands. I actually had a choice between them and the Herbst appliance. I picked the herbst-y thing, but they didn't have a, blah blah blah, long story short, I got rubberbands until the part came in. So the part came in today, and I went for them to put it on, and after about an extremely boring hour, they were on. Anyway, It wasn't until then that I realized what (Insert bad word(s) here) things these were. I can't eat ( more specifically- chew), talk (clearly), or EVEN FULLY CLOSE MY MOUTH!.
i hate them.
...on a lighter note, does anyone here have/had that herbst thing before?
Update- I got them off, and I'm wearing rubber-bands now.

sandray15 months ago

I got mine a week ago! Let me just it was the worst decision I made. I cant eat (literally) more specifically I can't chew at all. I've been basically eating yogurt and drinking smoothies all day. Not fun! Also when you get them it make you talk funny, spit when you say "s", make you have a lot of saliva, and makes your face appearance odd looking. It also makes you wake up during the night because of how much pain it gives you. To add on, it gives you sores on your gums and cheeks. I don't reccomen getting it.

how are you doing with your Herbst appliance I see you posted you got one 4 months ago. Is it better? My daughter needs one so I am inquiring.

I got my herbst on just two days ago and cant eat or talk properly? Help?

LaurenV14 months ago

I just got my herbst on today and its stabbing me in the cheek hopefully going to get it fixed tomorrow! I was wondering if I will ever be able to eating solid food?

treyxn LaurenV14 months ago

Sorry man, but they can't fix the stabbing in the cheek, it just happens. I've had them for 6 months and you can eat solids about 3-5 days after an adjustment. They're not too bad just be careful with the little metal rings, as I swallowed one this morning.

So the stabbing in the cheek persists all throughout wearing them. On a side note, sometimes the Herbst appliance gets caught in your cheek and it hurts A LOT. So bad, you can"t eat without getting a pain in your mouth.

Smile4life2 months ago

My Ortho gave me the choice between Twinblocks and Herbst, after the videos and demos she showed me I think I would like the Herbst appliance more. But after reading the comments, i'm not so sure. It seems like it hurts for everyone, for some people it's worse. I do not want to lose weight, and doesn't want to live off soup and yogurt. About halfway through having my Herbst appliance i'm supposed to get my braces. Apparently having elastic bands on my braces won't work because my overbite is too.... overbitey. Also It seems like you drool and talk awkwardly. (Oh gawd) That would be so annoying! Does everyone drool with the appliance on for the first days?

Do you think the Twinblocks would be better? They are so much bigger, and it seems like it would be harder to speak with them on.

Veganfaery3 months ago

Hello. My 14 year old son got an expander put in today and he is pretty cranky. He's drooling and sucking back a ton of saliva, which I guess is normal? Not sure of the timeline for treatment, but right now he just wants this thing out of his mouth. I'm not sure how he's supposed to get adequate nutrition while undergoing treatment. So far today he's had a milkshake, a big smoothie, and a bowl of soup. He's a really active guy who usually eats a ton of food. I see mashed potatoes, hummus, soup, and smoothies in his future. I'm not sure when he gets the herpst, but it's next.

brenbrooks3 months ago

i had a herbst appliance but i kept pulling it off. after 2 months of it in they replaced it with a herbst which goes on the teeth in front of it i got that one put on today and it hurts i wanna cry

weatherwiz1 year ago
I got my herbst put in during May and I'm supposed to have them for 6 weeks.. which already passed, but they never took them out. Any ways, does the herbst appliance have some sort of effect on your brain since it's bringing your lower jaw forward and your jaw is connected to your brain. Just wondering cause honestly I'd rather have a "not effected " brain than straight teeth
treyxn weatherwiz4 months ago

Just saying, you have to be pretty young; but no, the jaw is not attatched to the brain, So it won't affect anything.

Blueapple8197 months ago

PLZ HELP ME I AN SCARED I went to to my ortho appt 2 days ago and in 6 months i getting a herbst appliance and while I'm having it they are putting on braces after a year I am having it for 2 years. My question is WILL IIT HURT II MUST KNO PLZ RESPOND AND HELP

No, I've had them for about 6 months and it doesn't hurt. It is sore for a little while but no pain. Eating is a little difficult until your jaw shifts after that its smooth sailing.

I actually just got a herbst today, and am I the only one where my lower jaw like... twitches every couple minutes? Not quite sure how to describe it, but every time it happens, I feel like my teeth are about to be ripped out of my skull. So yeah, it kind of hurts. A lot.

I got the Herbst Appliance 3 months ago and have about 4-5 more to go! during the first week, I chewed with my front teeth and tried a couple times with the back. It took a little getting used to and get this... the NIGHT after I got it put on, I have a band concert (I play the flute) and it SUCKED but I think I did alright. lol. one of the worst problems is that since I have all of this metal in my mouth, whenever I talk to my friends and say "S", I spit on them by accident ;{. Also, my jaw sometimes pops if I move it side to side but thats cuz it gets sore from just staying in the same spot for too long so I have to move it around. I hope anyone found this helpful!
(P.S. have any pain killers like advil/tylenol/ibprophen/motrin etc. you will def need it!!!)

Wait... You can actually play the flute with this on? All notes sound weird and I can't even do the low notes! Please teach!!!

I think we're twins!! except the band thing. Everything you just said happens to me on a daily basis.
I'm 13, and I got my Herbst appliance not too awfully long ago, and I have two cousins stuck with the same curse.
My Herbst appliance rubbed my cheeks raw and bore holes where the four screws are, two on each side of my lips and two at the top. Not to mention, I have a palet expander, which irritated my tongue, giving me sores in 5 areas. I didn't have so much soreness of my teeth or jaw as did the huge, open sores that caused me to have trouble talking, eating, and pretty much everything mouth related.
Now, there is hope! I know the first few days are terrible, I couldn't even swallow drinks because every swallow meant my tongue rubbed against the expander, and it was very difficult to swallow any food because that stupid expander was in the way of any food making its way down. At first, it felt like there was literally no room for solid foods to be in my mouth, and there was way too much spit, like my mouth was a water balloon that never ran out of water.
BUT if you swish salt water (warm water stirred with regular table salt) in your mouth at least twice a day, brush your teeth, and then spray Medline Prevention burn and wound spray on it, you guys, my sores got a lot better. In fact, that's how I survive the first few weeks. Now, I know the prevention spray is for burns and stuff, but it's perfectly safe for your mouth and it helps a lot with the healing and the pain. If it gets really bad, take an ibuprofen.
I also used this thing called a Waterpik Ultra that's like this toothbrush hooked up to a tub of water, expect the toothbrush has all sorts of picks for cleaning in the spots where food gets stuck. It's kinda pricey ($45), but it was worth it for the ease of cleaning.
What else...oh! Dental wax! Yeah, I had no luck with the stuff. I tried the entire two packets full of wax my ortho gave me, and it never worked. I warmed it in my hands, dried the screw area before applying, even stuck it in the microwave, but it always ended up clumping off within a couple seconds and almost gagged on it several times. Not to put you down, it works for some people, but it didn't for me.
I ate lots of soup, especially plain broth when I was learning to swallow and chew, yogurt, pudding, water (obviously), but don't undereat! Eventually, after about the first week, I learned swallow a little better, although it never fully became normal. Still, the sores began to heal up after about two weeks, so don't think that because most people heal after five days that something is wrong, it will get better, I promise. I got mine on two days before Halloween, so I know how much it really sucks when you have about three choices of food, and you're starving but you can't eat a thing.
Just know that it will get better (and I feel bad saying this because everyone says that, right?), they really will, even if it always stinks. I mean, it still takes me an hour to eat a slice of pizza, but I'm only a few weeks in, and my cousin can eat tons of stuff.
Alright, well I've said a mouthful, so I'll get out of your hair. Hope you start to feel better, all you Herbsters!
hey guys:)
ok first of all im getting my hebst tomorrow and im feakin out man!!! mostley cuz halloween is 2 days away( btw: im being a baseball player!!!) and i already had my expander taken out when they did my impressions 2 days ago and will it hurt how long does it take to get it put on an what kind of my hallowwen goodies can i be able to eat soon???HELP!!!
i am getting my hebst in two days it is probably going to kill me if i don't die first God help me PS i cant stand soup or yogurt what can i eat
try meal replacement shakes
I have the Herbst in now, and have had it for a little over a month now. This is actually my second Herbst, as the first one didn't fit correctly and had to be removed after about 2 weeks. It's a freaking torture device. The arms of the appliance do not "unhinge", which limits how much i can open my mouth when i yawn. The screws have bored holes into my cheek, which, according to my doctor, may become infected or form an abscess (sorry TMI). As you might imagine, it is extremely painful and difficult to eat or even speak at times.
fortneja7 years ago
I had both the Herbst, then rubber bands. I hated the Herbst, but eventually I got used to it, and I still think it's better than having headgear. I had to have rubber bands once I got my Herbst off in order to finish aligning everything. Here's a tip: With my Herbst, I found that if I opened my mouth wide enough, I could pull the rods out of their sleeves, thus freeing my jaw from the device. I only did it for short periods (eating and such), but it felt SOOO good to be able move my jaw around.
yeah, I have to have braces, the herbst appliance, AND headgear for my treatment... fun fun... (atleast i dont need an expander)
YES!!! I absoulutley HATED headgear. If i had had a choice then i would have done herbst and now i wouldn't have it. Meh.
I just got mine today. So far, no pain, just a weird feeling. I ate some yogurt, all good. Hopefully eat some more solids later on tonight. I did take advil like three minutes after, so that was good. Mine will be on for one year....
heaven332 years ago
well people the herbst is not that painfull if you take advil ext. this is my second day of having it it hurts a little. get a lot of wax as much as you can or it will get eratated. dont use cotton balls in the back of your mouth you can chock have to were it for one year
if you have any questions plese let me know thanks just live it in the reply box
Brennn107 years ago
Can you elaborate on what it is? I have never heard of it.
John Smith (author)  Brennn107 years ago
its this evil little thing...
look here.
. Holy Cow! Those things are HUGE! No wonder you're having problems. . I'll guess that in a few days your jaw will move a little and it will get easier. When I wore braces (no Herbst, thank gawd), it would be uncomfortable for a few days after adjustments, but then get better as my teeth moved to their new position.. . If you still have problems after a few days, check with your Orthodontist.
how about you
Wow! That must be a pain!!!! I feel for you, I feel for you!
cdogbrave2 years ago
I've had my appliance since last janurary. I'm forced to wear it for a whole year!! When the orthodontist said the herbst is basically rubber bandson steroids. I decided to take the herbst becasue i thought I was sssoooo tough. MMMAANNN i didn't know what i was getting myself into. The spacers weren't so bad, but when they put the actual thing in I found out how tough I really was.

I would always get so mad at my orthodontist because he didn't tell me that I would have to get the expander! And on the tooth model he showed me the expander wasn't there. If I knew i had to get that stupid expander I would've never gotten the herbst. I remember that the pain lasted for 5 days! All I ate was soup. IT took me about a month or two to get used to food getting stuck under the expander. I taught myself how to blow food out of it. It was ssoo nasty.

When i got the expander out about a month and a half ago I was ssoo happy! I hadn't felt the roof of my mouth in 8 months!
I still don't like the herbst. I'm always having probs like cement coming off or hinge thingy messing up. A less than two months till i get it off. I can't wait! Braces aren't bad, but the herbst is terrible.
for your expander try 2 years i know it sucks it was Honorable it was weird feeling toe roof of my mouth
Ariana52232 years ago
I just got mine yesterday sleeping was disasteros a it hurt like crazy I can't talk sing or eat and I horseback ride so I haven't been doing that does the herbst pain and no eating and talking go away??????
Please help
Did your mom make you go to school the day you got it
Did your mom make you go to school the day you got it
vschwartz13 years ago
My Daughter got her herbst last year...they broke and fell apart 2 times., now we have to go back., they fell apart now a third time. All she ate was a candy bar., and brushed her teeth. Pieces started falling out little at a time...even the bracket around the mollar. This time., they will tell me I have to pay for the repair. Absolutley crazy. Last time it tore a filling out., and she had to get a new filling in, they kept telling me she ate something hard. She ate a hot dog. the herbst was due to come out in November...if I have to pay., they will take the whole things out...then she'll have to get the bottom braces put on...with rubber bands. these things are rediculous...they hurt her for a long time...sores in her mouth...wax doesn't even help these things...cotton looks like the mumps. They should invent something stronger, and less painful. $6000.00....very over-priced.
I just got mine 2 days ago it is so hard to eat with it it brothers me when I try to eat but its only once in a life time so i say don't hate it u will get use to it in a week or 2 I find it really easy to drink but i just don't wont to live on soup for 1 year like i have no problem with it just eat it and i take advil for the pain like if u have the Herbst appliance just wait and it will get better dont think about riping them off like just picture your self in 5 years your going to have nice teeth. Its worth it if u hate it just ask your ortho if there is any other treatment like rubberband but a lot of people dont have a choice like me i didn't a choice si i am just trying not to think of it hope this help
lovesherson2 years ago
I am a Mom, whom sought the best possible "fix" for my son in 1993. His lower jaw was not meeting his upper jaw, he appeared to have an awful overbite. Kids made fun of him all through his childhood growing up. I had to find a way to take the tears away. When he hurt, I was hurting with him. The Herbst appliance back then was relatively new-certainly, he experienced muscle spasms, speech was deterred. A learning curve to control the Herbst.He put his best fight forward and I pitched in with making sure he had available what he could eat/swallow to fill the empty void. Each day, I took him "lunch" I took him off campus (junior year) so he could eat in privacy each day,most would be down the front of his shirt the first few days, but as time went by, he became better at the changes. kids made fun of him all the years growing up-the tears everyday, i cried with him often. There had to be something to fix his teeth. When found, and the Herbst was put into place, I assumed it would take time b4 seeing a profound improvement. It was the same day-my son looked normal ! I cried all the way home all those tears he had as a child. He is now 35, the most beautiful smile! His daughter is about to embark on the same procedure, I am to understand it is less invasive as it was in 1993/94- A price he paid then, is the outcome he still has to this day. The days pass, it gets better. Count your blessings!
Ariana52232 years ago
I also have braces and expander :( • •
bodamina6 years ago
Well i just got my herbst saturday morning and its monday afternoon so about 2 days ago i got this thing it kills its a pain its annoying you can chew eat talk clearly it gave me a rash right below both ends of my lip wish makes me look like a bleeding vampire....well a red rashy one. it makes your cheeks look puffy and no u can over expand it cuz its fixed with cement i tried taking it out but it wont work....heres a way to put it....if u wanna lose weight really badly and starve urslef, then the herbst is right for u.....eventually u'll get fatter cuz once u start eating normally ull gain about more than ten pounds cuz of u had an irregular eating... im takning mine off saturday im exited i said many bad words a lot of bad words and im only 15 going on 16 in august its may yippe and we had to do a speech 2day in school and i couldnt talk clearly. i advise not to have it.... the orthandontist said that the other alternative which is rubber bands takes longer but i would rather have that and he told me rite after he put on the appliance whoch took about an hour. a really boring hour. its so stupid like a bunch of useless metal in ur mouth... it unhooked about 56 times since i got it so i dont get the point if the part that really helps ur bite unhooks like a million times will do anything if its going to keep doing that. i know 5 people who had the herbst for like 4-6 days and got it off rite away.... hope this helped
I just got mine yesterday sleeping was disasteros a it hurt like crazy I can't talk sing or eat and I horseback ride so I haven't been doing that does the herbst pain and no eating and talking go away??????
kitskull2 years ago
OMIGOSH i just got mine a couple of days ago... all i can eat is ensure (energy drink) and peanut butter. the sliders pinch my cheek on the top near my back molars and i have to put gauze pads in there, thus making me a chipmunk. cant talk... and i cant kiss my kitty without pinching- even through the gauze... meh!
ninjagirl293 years ago
I got It yesterday and it sucks so much. My back teeth don't meet either and I'm so annoyed. I've had yogurt and pudding for lunch the past two days and I'm sooooooo hungry. It keeps pinching my tounge. My friends keep making comments like you look like a robot and stuff. I personally think I look like a chipmunk with two bumps beneath my lip. Sadly, I too play flute and I haven't been able to make a sound yet. Does anyone have any tips?
cechevarria4 years ago
These things suck!!! i got it yesterday. i cant eat. its like you put the food in your mouth but nothing goes down your throat. it all gets stuck in the patlet expander. i have three things: the Herbst, patlet expander, and braces!! its horrible!!!hopefully it gets better like everyone says. all i eat is soup and yogurt. its funny cause my doc didnt say anything about rubber bands. my friends call me stuff like robotic mouth and transformer mouth which is pretty funny!! lol!!
ahaha me too i have a metal expander in my mouth and my friend says it's like looking like the bottom of a car when i show it to her. anyways, don't worry. i couldn't eat for a while when i first got my expander and braces, but soon you will find a way to swallow the food and not get it stuck on top. i've had the expander for 2 months and braces for 1 month.
hmhpeace3 years ago
Hey, I'm 12 and I got mine yesterday. I can eat mashed potatoes, soup, yogurt and ice cream. Tried corn but I lost it in my mouth, literally! Drinking is quite easy and i have it lucky because anywhere we go out to eat its a buffet. I am only going to have to have this for 6 months. The side piece is jabbing into my mouth but i try to ignore it. I play volleyball and whenever I hit the ball it hurts I also cheer so no clue what to do there. Any ideas?

Hi-has anyone ever gotten headaches after having their herbst appliance adjusted?. I know someone that started getting them after their first adjustment. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you. c.s.dude
kobernicus4 years ago
Today I got my herbst on and... Let's just say it isn't nice.
I thought I could eat something, such as McDonalds Fries so I got a large pack.
One fry took me literally an entire minute to get CLOSE to swallowing.
I'm not eating dittly SQUAT besides yogurt and canned soup for a year.
Googirl64 years ago
I just got my herbst yesterday, and it's not too bad, except one of my arms is shorter than the other and the longer one slides so much easier than the short one. I'm afraid this will screw up my jaw and I don't want to practice eating because of it. What should I do? Does anyone else have this?
Hello, this is the Instructables Instructor. The Herbst only feels sore for the first week and you will be able to chew after 1-2 weeks.
*relieved* thats what ive been trying to find out!!! thanks i was starting to worry i could never eat solid food again
sophie114 years ago
 argghghfgf i just got my herbst on yesterday, i am seriously freaking out. i read all the comments people say the pain goes but ability to eat never comes back! i have to have mine on for a year, my mouth is seriously soo sore like ah im almost crying every time i move my mouth. i cant speak or chew anything, anything i try and eat jst gets stuck up the top of my mouth in the pallet expander. i HATE this thing just want to rip it out :(  it better get better, i havent eaten properly since i got it in. waaaaa
gbrandimore6 years ago
i have to get the herbst and braces at the same time. it suxs :(
i'm getting that too :( tell me about it when you do get it!
me too!!!! on Feb. 3, 2010..... :( 3 days after my b-day!! What a present!!! :D I hope it doesn't hurt too much! Please give me an update on what it is like!!! :)
I'm getting them in like a monthish time, and before i had no idea about all this stuff with it! now i'm kinda nervous to get it, cuz i heard about peoples jaws locking and popping when they got theres off. i dont know anybody who's had it so i can't get advice from them. HEEEELLPPPP!
oh and also, they took my molds like a few days ago, cuz im getting a herbst only 2 weeks before i get my braces so i'll have both!
i just lost one of my teeth yesterday, and like i said above ^ i just got my molds, so will that affect anything?
anyywayyy, i hope its not too bad, soo wish me luck, and if possible please reply and help meeeee (:
thanks a bunch < tehe
wo0wlauren6 years ago
i just got mine on today & its not even that bad. i have already had a retainer type thing at the top of my mouth so its not a bother. although the bottom one is a bit annoying. im not bitting down at all. im bitting down on my front teeth. they said thats how its supposed to be because its supposed to "over correct" my bite? my advice to you if your just getting yours on is to not stress or worry about it. stay calm & just chill, its just a VERY small portion of your life to help you with the rest of your life, no matter HOW long your getting yours on for. if you have any specific questions message me at, i can help you <3
thanks i was kinda nervous about it but now im good thnx :)
kyle3465125 years ago
OMG i can bilieve i have to get it im kinda scared lol but im 13 and ive read alot about it not hurting and some about it hurting so idk guess ill just find out i guess so oh well i mean idk kinda nervous im getting braces and this stupid thing on the same day so im kind of mad i didnt even get a choice but if i had of chose i would of chose rubber bands anyday i just got spacers today they werent bad at all but if you have any advice or anything please contact me thank you
pawys5 years ago
 Hi everyone.. 
Not sure this is the right place for this question, but seems like your all experts.

I am a 37 yr old male, and my two ortho,s are argueing if i should have a herbst appliance or not.

Iam aware of the dangers and problems with herbst appliances, I really want one of these appliances because i think it will fix the many bite problems that i have. As well as a overbite i do not bite in the same position, it seems to change during the day. So it should fix that problem aswell.

Can an Adult of my age use one of these appliance or am i too old for it to even work. 


bioniclynn5 years ago
It doesnt hurt. I also commented on this a sec ago but ive had the caps on my teeth for a month along with the palette expander but my bottom caps were loose so they had to take them off and re cement them (alot of blood) and put them back on b4 they put the acctual arms on.
bioniclynn5 years ago
I got one this morning, so far it is not that bad. I can chew swallow and everything. I have had braces for quit a while now and have a palette expander which put a huge gap in my teeth. The herbst is not that bad but you cant stuff your jaws with food or let a lollipop hang out in the side of your jaw like normal, lol. Truth is it does pretty much suck.
i have learned a few things about the Herbst appliance knowing a 12 year old who just had one removed after 9 months of wearing it. Things you should know: 1. there are better alternatives 2. the clinical data is skewed a bit questioning the reliability of the results 3. bacteria can easily build up and cause gigivitis around the molar attachments (bad breath) 4. difficulty swallowing can form: a general safety hazard to say the least 5. there may be trace metal that some people are highly sensitive too: ex. nickle- watch for breakouts or other skin reactions to the metal ions 6. the orthodontist is supposed to do a 'fit test' before cementing it in place (per the manufacturers instructions) if he/she does not do this you can get cuts inside your mouth from the plungers not seating properly in the mouth (as happened to the one I know) 7. your molars can shift (thankfully many can shift back) 8. your jaw muscles can become distorted and there are studies being done regarding the long-term effects to the jaw joints which can lead to arthritis in the area 9. the front bottom teeth can tip forward and for some this may be permanent and unwanted new position of those teeth 10. I think the Herbst appliance is a moneymaker for the orthodontist who finds it easier- if he/she has not told you of the above they do not have your best interest at heart and have not informed you/parents of all of the facts and problems that can arise as a result of this appliance. 11. the cement used to fix the crowns can sometimes have negative effects on those with latext alergies so find out what is being put in your mouth. 12. check out the website and do your research - don't you want to know what they are talking about when you are sitting in the chair? look for glossaries with ortho terminology
wo0wlauren6 years ago
hi i have already commented 10 comments bellow this comment :)
i have made a video JUST for all of you! here is a link:
Guys, come on! Just think one measly year (or a little more) for a beatuful, perfect smile. I personally think its worth it. Okay so maybe you have to eat soup for a few days, and it hurts. Take some advil! Haha. I have one. Im just fine :) Hope you make it through! ;)
John Smith (author)  pURPLEpRINCESS6 years ago
You mightve had a point, but I don't know many people who have had their braces on for only a year. Hell, I had mine on for almost 5 whole years. And my teeth weren't even that bad.
c0nf00l3d6 years ago
i got mine on 4 days ago (12/5). i got it with braces too. it didnt hurt then, but it hurt the next day. i got over it today. i can finaly chew! it didnt take too long. =) anyway, it was kinda fun gettin the sympathy from friends and teachers. =)
KkaitlynK956 years ago
this thing is a pain, i got it yesterday =( it doesnt really hurt at all but is REALLY annoying!!! when i eat i dont even chew my food...well icant, and food always gets stuck in the top one!!! i can kinda talk but when i tried to sing i couldnt, i just hope it gets easier, one good thing is that my profile looks much better and that i dont have to get surgery to fix the problem (like some people have) i am marking done the days until it comes off =)
emdog406 years ago
i just got my herbst today.. im not rele in alot of pain but i cant chew! its driving me nuts. every time i swallow my food gets stuck in the top retainer thingy on the roof of my mouth.
OMG, same here, i got my yesterday (the 17th) it doesnt hurt but its annoying, r u use to it yet??
chloeee6 years ago
I had it for 7 months, got so annoyed with it i ended up breaking it :D! Somehow i dont know lol, but yeah it was easier to break since i had teeth pulled out before i got the herbst on :D, and yea i didnt have the teeth in so it had nothing to support on so wen i pushed the bit it came out of place. I like celebrated wen i broke it rofl. Got it off the next day ;). I couldnt eat proberly for the first month and a half i like lived off a chocolate and like a mandarin every day.
omi1233216 years ago
hey i just my mine yesterday, and I CANNOT EAT! I criend at dinner cause I couldnt chew my perogies. I look like a bulldog now. Ugggggggggggg I HATE THESE THINGS
leaherin6 years ago
well I just got this appliance today. it is so annoying...I can't even talk! or chew! but my mom said that I can go back and get it taken off on Monday if it still bothering me(and it will be) but the weird thing is that my orthodontist didn't even mention that rubberbands are another option! well I will ask him on Monday
did they take yours off?
Jane-Dough6 years ago
i have this very uglyy contraption. how long is this usually worn? [months, years, etc.] and how can i get my normal speech back?
gjl917 years ago
I got mine in today. I'll just post what i typed to answer a question from yahoo: Ok, i just got mine in today. What I understand so far is: Basically its preventing me from closing my jaw together completely (probably about a 1cm gap). I guess this makes you speak, eat, and do everything else different to adjust to this (which makes this seem very primitive :P ok youre preventing me from chewing, when i chew i bring my jaw back... not allowed to bring the jaw back, problem solved... teeth will adjust to it). And this causes your lower jaw to grow forward faster. So far, I've taken the 2 tubes apart probably 4 or 5 times from this afternoon to now. I can't help it, i want to understand this. And i read the part about speaking and eating, but only on 1 of the numerous sites i searched. Mine didn't fit so well getting it on because my teeth shifted from the impressions from forever ago. I havent heard of this happening to anyone else but getting it on was the worst for me. And now my whole mouth is just sore but not nearly as bad as first getting braces on, and i got one of those big spacers with the key back in the roof of my mouth so i can't swallow any pills to relieve the pain :P I did read that this has no effect on the craniomandibular system for a long-term effect (recorded after 7 and a half years since the appliance was out). And if that has anything to do with what the goal of this thing is, I want to have my orthodontist take this out. He said a lot of people whine and complain the first few days but it gets better. I honestly think that I will lose a lot of weight, and if not a lot of nutrition due to the lack of variety of foods i can eat. I don't understand how anyone could get used to this, it hurts my teeth its attached to whenever i bite down a decent amount. I don't want to live off soup, mashed potatoes and applesauce for a year so I'm seriously curious about what the orthodontist will do if i ask him to take it out. Weighing 115 at the age of 16 is already bad enough. If u want I can get back to you each night for a while, just e-mail me ( Haha and don't forget how different my speech will be now, i have to say I'm gonna be really embarrassed by the looks and effects other than me just showing people. Sorry if it feels like i'm rambling on to you but i'm just trying to include everything i know (facts and opinions) because i would like the same if i were in your situation. Every comment i've read has pretty much been 50/50 of comments positive or negative about it so i'm not sure how it will work out. Best of luck to you... and me :P Ohh and no idea for the range that you should expect, i got the same estimations.
I got mine in September of 07' and just got it off yesterday.I also had that key thing on the roof of my mouth.It was such a pain!I seriuosly didnt eat one thing for the first 3 days.My mouth got used to it but it kept breaking so thats why they just removed it.Now im getting elastic bands.I was so happy that I got it off and caould actually move my mouth.When you get yours off your mouth will feel so big and feel so differnt.I dont have an overbite now but they wanted me to have elastic bands to keep it like that.Let me tell you,the uncomfortableness was worth it in the end.
lol i dont like eating soup all the time... an i weigh 79lbs. at 12 yrs old...
John Smith (author)  gjl917 years ago
Oh, sorry, I got them off, a day after I got them, because I had a choice in the first place. Then, they gave me the rubberbands, and told me to use them. I had to use two on both sides, though. I changed them alot, as they lose strength, and wore them alot, and when I went to my ortho, they said that I had moved my jaw 5x what they normally seen in that amount of time. I couldn't stand the herbst things, and I did have them taken out. Maybe if you promise your doctor that you'll wear the rubberband all the time (and really do it), he'll/she'll take them out. But yes, I did feel all of those things too.
lammolol6 years ago
i've had mine for a couple of months...once you get used to it it's not all that bad in about 2 weeks your mouth will get used to it and you can eat with your back teeth again. Also your cheeks will feel sore for a little while but your mouth will get used to that to. i really dislike the rubber bands so i didn't get those!
fenderdude7 years ago
lol i chew with my front teeth...
fenderdude7 years ago
i got mine yesterday... i cannot chew either.
gjl917 years ago
Got mine off. Had it on for a week. Couldnt get the teeth to touch in the back still... I ate a chewy bar once, pretty much the only thing besides soup and potatoes. I ended up chewing with the metal part and it hurt... In 1 week i lost 5 pounds. I have at least a month or two before theyre considering anything else? Weird... idk but i only have a few braces on the top and bottom now, first time ever. its nice
John Smith (author)  gjl917 years ago
Good. I'm happy for you. I'd try rubberbands, they aren't that bad, and if you wear them and change them regularly, you can move your jaw alot.
gjl917 years ago
oh and do u still have yours on? e-mail me please and tell me what happened for you :)