Herbst Appliance


cant believe the attention this has got.
either way i got my braces off...in august of 2008. Wednesday before school started.
straight teeth finally, and i can eat! so great.
either way it still took like 5 or 6 years, too long.
Im just wearing an invisible retainer(behind my teeth, its glued in, its just a wire). Cant even feel it.
Just think- if you have braces- how good it will feel when you get them off...

OK, I have braces, meant to correct the spaces that were in between my teeth, and also, to move my lower jaw forward. I've had them for...5 YEARS! Needless to say, they JUST finished closing most of the gaps(again, after 5 years), and are working on moving my jaw forward. So, like almost every person I see with braces (well, some), I got rubber bands. I actually had a choice between them and the Herbst appliance. I picked the herbst-y thing, but they didn't have a part...so, blah blah blah, long story short, I got rubberbands until the part came in. So the part came in today, and I went for them to put it on, and after about an extremely boring hour, they were on. Anyway, It wasn't until then that I realized what (Insert bad word(s) here) things these were. I can't eat ( more specifically- chew), talk (clearly), or EVEN FULLY CLOSE MY MOUTH!.
i hate them.
...on a lighter note, does anyone here have/had that herbst thing before?
Update- I got them off, and I'm wearing rubber-bands now.

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DylanS818 months ago

So it's been a long time since I last posted here. I got my Herbst appliance out 3 months ago. It was very painful for them to take it out, but now the pain that I was whining about before seems so trivial now so excuse my childish whining on my previous posts, please. By the way, I have braces and rubber bands now and they're so much better because I can take them out when I want to eat and they're not painful at all. All in all, the Herbst appliance WILL be worth it in the end, so deal with the struggles now, and you'll have a much better bite by the end of it.

21281411 year ago

Ok so quick question. I only have my top and bottom parts for the herbst. I don't have my tubes and rods in yet, but the wire that connects the two top parts together is extremely painful. It is jamming into the roof of my mouth and is causing sores, cuts, and inflammation. I'm just wondering if this is a normal thing or if I should talk to my orthodontist.

fionaustin1 year ago

Oh my ever freaking god. I am actually so mad right now. I got the herbst two days ago and I feel like my (enter curse word here) mouth is dying. I got mine right before Christmas which really sucks too. I can't fully close my mouth and I almost choked on trying to chew a pistachio the other day. I was sleeping over at my friends house last night and I had to go home to get soft food because I COULDN'T eat anything at their house. DO NOT GET THE HERBST STAY WITH RUBBER BANDS

I have had my herbst in for five months now. So far it has broken off three times and when I first got it I had a lisp, my tongue hurt, my mouth was sore, and my mom had to blend everything for a month. For those getting it for the first time these are just things you will have to live with and get used to. I can now pronounces my s's and people at school have gotten used to them in my mouth. What sucks is I drool so much making it so embarrassing in public and you have to swallow so many more times, and food gets stuck in my expander all the time. You can't each chewy things or crunchy things and after some visits they add metal things to your pole to give you more of an underbite. Overall though it's just something you have to bear and when it's over you will be so happy!

I'm 11 years old I got the herbst appliance 2 days ago it SUCKS! I already have a cold sore that has a hole in it. I can't eat. It bugs me so much. Hurt a ton my muscles are sore and my teeth hurt. The ortho said it was going to hurt for a while and I should eat soft food for the first 10 days then she said you should be able to eat solid foods; well she was lying none of that is true. So awful totally wouldn't recommend it. I am getting it off AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. So happy I'm getting it off. I look like a chipmunk some kid even felt the need to point it out "oh that's why your cheeks are so chubby" SO HORRIBLE.

DylanS811 year ago

It was all their fault, they didn't put a bar to hold up the rods, which was causing my ulcer. Anyway, they're gonna put it in soon, wish me luck that this doesn't happen again ;)

DylanS811 year ago

So, I'm back, and my gums healed so they put the goddamn Herbst back in (I had no choice) and guess what? It's only been a week since the Herbst has been put back in, and the EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED. I'm starting to think that it wasn't an infection or ulcer it's just the Herbst destroying my gums and cheeks. Anyway I'm getting it taken out AGAIN at 2:00pm today. It's currently 8:48am and I'm counting down. I'll update you on what happens later.

I got mine on today. So far the pain is only in my jaw, no sores in my mouth or anything yet. It hurts my jaw like crazy, though, even with the ibuprofen I took. Eating is basically impossible- even soup is hard to get down, and I can't chew at all. Wish me luck with this.

OMG! I flippin HATE this appliance!!!! I got this about a year ago. But it got loose and today they took it off and put it on again. I am in so much pain!? DQ blizzard here I come!

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