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What the Hell are we? In general, I just looked at my hand the other day and thought, you know, if an alien ever came around and they really are spying on us, I bet they're probably thinking we're weird looking things. Wouldn't ya say??? *Trolling enrolls...?*

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We probably look as weird as they look weird. And vice versa. That's my theory of weirdolution =o)
Punkguyta (author)  chooseausername10 years ago
But really has anyone on "our" side determined how weird we look?
That's because weird has to do with comparison, so it's impossible for us to determine that.
According to some of the stuff I've read, plus a bit of 4am thinking, there's a pretty good chance that, if we encountered alien life, either remotely or in person, then there is a reasonable chance that we would not recognise them as alive, never mind intelligent.

There's a quote - know him by his works - it's religious, I know, but it's relevant. It is quite possible that we realise that an alien organism is an alien organism by observing what it does to its environment, rather than how it behaves.
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
Did you ever watch the "original" Star Trek ? This seems appropriate: Season: 1 Episode: 25 "The Devil In the Dark" The U.S.S. Enterprise arrives to investigate reports of an unknown monster deep in the mining tunnels of Janus VI. The being is apparently destroying machinery and killing the miners, and has the ability to burrow through solid rock. Janus VI is a source for the rare mineral, pergium. Soon after the landing party arrives on the planet's surface, a reactor pump is stolen and the colony is in jeopardy from fluctuating life support functions. However, this convinces Spock that they are dealing, not with a mindless monster, but with an intelligent lifeform. Kirk and Spock, along with members of the ship's security team, enter the mines to find the creature. They discover a large, rock-like creature that burrows easily through the stone walls, as a mole might burrow through dirt. Wounded in a phaser blast, the bulky creature manages to escape through the stone wall. They continue pursuit and eventually Kirk is trapped by the creature. When it doesn't attack, Spock attempts a Vulcan mind meld with the entity and discovers that it is, in fact, an intelligent being. A native of the planet, the creature is normally peaceful, and called a Horta. It doesn't mind sharing the planet with the miners, but when the men broke into the Horta's hatchery and unknowingly destroyed many of her eggs, it attacked to protect its remaining unborn children. With Spock acting as interpreter, the miners explain that they thought the eggs were some kind of silicon nodules and that no hostility had been meant. McCoy treats the silicon-based creature with a trowel and patch material, and heals it. An alliance is formed between the Horta and the miners; the young, newly-hatched Hortas will mine the pergium at a far faster rate than the humans could and the miners will be extremely rich. Kirk retrieves the missing reactor and the landing party leaves the inhabitants of Janus VI living in peaceful co-existence.
XOIIO Goodhart8 years ago
I've seen that, I love that one!
Of the very few i've seen...I do remember that episode =]

But keep in mind, they did recognize it as being alive.
yes probably because it moved since rock normally is not animated. It took a bit of time to discover sentience however.
Spock was awesome in that episode.
Kiteman Goodhart10 years ago
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