Hey I'm Alive!

Hey everyone, I haven't quit 'ibles but still have no internet access, especially since I've been off tech for two weeks for easter. I have however been doing little projects and such and there shall be 'ibles. at the moment things are odd, being bored alot has led to constant rearranging of furniture, me creating a website, not yet uploaded that has just grown and grown, subconciously I believe it to be an attempt to build my own internet. Lots of video projects going on at the moment as well, leading to someone going on fire, eh, sign stealing and on a few occasions nudity... Photography has been happening in great amounts and other such things... How is everybody here, or whoever reads this, I imagine I've missed a lot?

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skunkbait8 years ago
Hey! Good to see you back. I've not been on much lately either. Hopefully things are settling down and I'll be back around more often.
killerjackalope (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Thanks, good to hear you're still kicking about... How things?
They could be better. The immediate Skunkfamily is fine, but in the extended family, we've had a death, with another death expected soon. Also transmission and charging problems (in the vehicle area). Just enough to keep me stressed out and financially broke!
killerjackalope (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Sad to hear, hopefully a lottery win or some such will sort out the money bit... I know the vehicular pain, my mates Honda (one of my main transports) blew a head gasket, so it's spread around the MCCs garage while it being repaired...
Goodhart8 years ago
It's good to know that you aren't the one I saw at our local Texas Roadhouse (restaurant). He was stuffed and hanging on the wall :-(
killerjackalope (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Another one of my spawn, guess some of them just had to go...
Well, I think he was stuffed (and not just hanging around for the Hot Wings LOL)
ll.138 years ago
Yey, the favourite jackalope's back.
(this comment got stuck in a time-travel warp)
dombeef8 years ago
Yay You are back!
comodore8 years ago
It's nice to know you are still well and breathing... :)
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