Hey People, In windows 7 You can add labels to the taskbar you know.

I have seen a few people disliking 7 Because the Icon is alone with no Label on the task bar, This is not big enough to deserve a whole i'ble but i will just make a topic about it. I will show you how to add back the labels next to the icons. Step 1 Right Click On your Windows Flag Step 2 Select Properties Step 3 Open the taskbar Tab Step 4 Locate the option "Taskbar buttons" Step 5 Change the setting "Always combine Hide labels" to "Never Combine" Step 6 Click apply Congrats!!! Now you have absolutely no excuse not to upgrade from Vista to 7 Now!

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ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
okay, no need to bump we saw this and didnt really care doing this seems like a simple feat and windows 7 hasn't come out yet so the vast majority find this topic useless. The only way i could see this to be helpful right now is if this was the deciding factor for someone to use windows 7 or not :/ I mean if it was something like a hidden secret on the current OS, then that would be swell
ReCreate (author)  Chicken22098 years ago
Well...Windows 7 Has came out, The RC is out.
its not the same thing. The majority of users are still focused on xp anyways
ReCreate (author)  Chicken22098 years ago
Well...I dual boot it, I wouldn't say its better than XP, but I'll tell you this, it beats vista hands down
Yeah, but the problem is they need to make something that beats XP.
ReCreate (author)  bFusion8 years ago
Ah yes...That won't be easy, Maybe in the next 5 years microsoft will finally beat their own phenomenally good os