Hey everybody,i'm back!

I know what your all thinking right now "oh no that freak is back". But then again why do I care what you guys think. But anyways just thought I would drop in and tell everybody why I haven't been on in like 3 months.

1.School......lots of work.

2.Found about this cool company that sells these awesome sleds.(yes,sleds. Not your tube or steel runner sled,but your nice mad river rocket sled with awesome control and you can do some sweet tricks on them.Link at the end. And a video.)

3.I grew out of k'nex and forgot there was so much more on this site!

Thats it I think.

links: http://www.madriverrocket.com/

video:Note this is not me. I have a few videos up their but I stink.

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Wafflicious8 years ago
those sled are way too expensive!
Welcome back ! =o)
Easy Button (author)  chooseausername9 years ago
I don't seem to remember you. Do you remember me? I think its your icon.
Hello. Cool your back. Remember me? And yeah I ditched the K'nex phase aswell. lol.
Yes I remember you !
I used to call you "Gramer5" : don' you remember ?

And yes. I changed my avatar 3 times since then.
Bran9 years ago
Hey! Welcome back!
Welcome back. Did you come back because I told you there was more on the site on AIM, or because you wanted to come back?
Goodhart9 years ago
Hello and WB EB ;-)
ll.139 years ago
I didn't realise you'd gone. =D

welcome back anyway!