Hey man, I gots a question...

How long does instructables shipping usually take? I am going away soon...

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Aeshir10 years ago
My instructables patch I got from the soldering thing took about a week I think...
Hey Aeshir, where are you going to put your patch??
I dunno. I was gonna put it on a cap but I never wear hats, let alone even go outside xD
If you don't go outside, you should put it on your house! =P

Hmmm... is your mailbox attached to your house or near the street?
I live on an acerage actually. I have a PO box. Makes it difficult for ebay buying sometimes.
is there any metal on your house?? you could use my magnetic patch instructable to make it removable, or just use some double-sided sticky tape to put it there permanently
evy-wevy (author)  T3h_Muffinator10 years ago
neodymium magnets rock, i have tonnes. But unfourtunately, i live in a house compossed of nothing but snow, i'm canadian...lol iglos duh
DUDE! THAT'S CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I trade houses with you for a month?? And for sticking a patch onto your house, soak the patch in water and let it freeze to your house
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